Legendary Packs in Marketplace

Please bring this back
I’ve opened so oooooooooooo many commander, core, faction packs, and legendary from missions but Voxis Core is still evading me!

It’s so cruel…


Jup. Not digging into these Core Packs… they’re not my cup of tea.

I’d rather try 100 Jennerit Packs for a Voxis Core, because I would have good chances to get Beatrix Skins/Taunts on the way…

But seriously… Even if it’s for a giant Amount of money… why not just bring the Legendaries back?

I would really like to have a little more choice than buy or don’t buy.


This was a thing?

Damn, my hiatus!!! :sob:

As stingy as Legendary packs have been to me (Seriously babe, I brought flowers, ease up!) I’d rather invest my credits into a stingy gold digger of a loot pack over the absent minded ones we have now.

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I’ve got 3 max rolled voxis core’s that I don’t have the heart to sell. What’s sad is that I don’t play any characters that utilize that amazing legendary.

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Just for Battleborn Day. Cost a ton but very arguably worth it. I spent all my money on epic packs though because I still don’t have my Deande gear. :cry:

That’s why they should make the no gear mode.

Then you can play her without worrying about only doing 9999999k over 10000000k XD

I’m so jealous of you

I’ve sold like 9 of the things, but can not for the life of me get a decent Lenore’s Lament…

I cri evrytiem

I’ve gotten 5. One not max roll. Luckily, I main Orendi and play some Kleese on the side. (Laughs evilly)

Haha, they already have warfare to make it useless :joy: (Are these tears from joy or desperation? The world may never know…)

Back in the day when we could buy faction loot packs I bought almost all jennerit and eldrid packs. I bought just enough eldrid to get all the Kelvin skins and taunts, every other pack I bought was jennerit because they have the negative reload speed gear.

I got 2 voxis core’s that way and one from a legendary loot pack. All my voxis core’s came out max rolled. Super lucky.

I actually kind of regret it now because I really want a pain 2 gain but I didn’t buy any UPR packs.

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Yeah, hopefully they bring it back as part of the next “Lootpoclypse”.

Also, it may be off-topic, but i have to say that i am jealous of your new Avatar.

Yeah, figured I’ change it being that you and I had the same one and we both post often on the boards.Haha

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Yeah, and i am DEFINITELY someone you don’t people to confuse you with, haha…

I’m a nuisance, apparently. Shrugs uncaringly.

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