Legendary Psycho COM usage?

Hey all. I’ve recently restarted Krieg. I have another that I played when he first came out and got to level 60-whatever but I’ve been away from him for so long, it was simply better to start over.

I’m now at level 35 and have 3 blue COMs: Blister (my main) and occasionally use Crunch and Sickle. I’ve got my 26 points in Bloodlust with the remaining few points in tier 1 of Mania and primarily play to Blood Bath.

I just found a Legendary Psycho COM. I appreciate that it has all good buffs but it seems to want to be all three trees at once and I just can’t see it being better than a blue. (Other Leg’s are not going to drop in NVHM so are not on my radar)

So my question is : does anyone use this COM and how/why would you use this over a blue?


I have at least 3 L. Psycho coms at the disposal of Ultimate Krieg!! but since I was running an explosive build I tend/tended to go with a blue Flesh Crunch mod that was +6 StF, +5 Taste of Blood (or Blood Trance, one of the two). Just because of my build I rarely use it- now I tend towards either L. Sickle or L. Reaper, with the Flesh Crunch and explosive relic on hand when I want to use my Swordsplosion. If you have nothing better I’d say use it, but if it doesn’t support your build feel free to sell it or give it away…


The legendary psycho is the best class mod to do tediore chuck becouse its the only class mod that gives 10 points into blood filed guns. The legendary reaper is in my opinion the best, for raiding mobing everything. Of you know to active bloodbath with weapons, with 100 stacks you can have 500% weapon damage everytime. You bacame into a god. The legendary sickle it’s the best class mod if you want to go melee and bloodsplode stuff.


You can run a variant of the Hellborn/walking bomb setup in lieu of the Leg Torch mod with the Leg Psycho. I did this in the Level 50’s and it worked great. Keeps your FoTF down a long time, huge mag size, burn damage jacked up… I tried a melee setup with it as well, but it didn’t work quite as well.

edit: here’s an idea, though points could be moved around Hellborn a bit. I haven’t run it at these levels, but this should work fine with your Leg Psycho. Gear would be an FoTF of course, Orphan Maker to keep the FoTF down as long as you want, some type of slag weapon, some type of Moxxi weapon for increased healing (slag rubi would be great, but less critical at these levels, same with a grog. Other weapon slots are less critical, maybe a launcher for second winds…


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Thanks Chemi and @danibuendia99 !

Your timing is perfect. I’ve since built up to level 52 with a Bloodlust/Mania build still with the Blister COM. This has served me perfectly until last night when I got to Winged Storm to kill the dragons. I halted there because I know for sure that build will do nothing.

As I don’t have any other L COMs, this sounds like the best choice to make a raiding build on. Suggestions? I have the FotF and the usual Krieg weapons.

Also Raving Retribution? Is it worth going that deep into Hellborn over Bloodlust?


I don’t know much about raiding setups with Krieg so I can’t help there. The reason I go deep into enough Hellborn to get Raving Retribution is because I want Elemental Empathy and so it’s just one more point. Elemental Empathy on its own is excellent for healing with the FoTF explosions and with a Moxxi weapon in hand it’s near instant healing and makes you really hard to kill. If that Moxxi weapon slags, it’s just crushing. The shield down boosts and the Orphan Maker keep the FoTF down as long as you need. I think I ran something like this for mobbing, maybe I had Numbed Nerves instead of Fire Fiend… There’s probably a more efficient setup, but you get the general idea.


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