Legendary ratio to purples

so i was thinking a bit
im pretty sure i did read at bl3 launch that there are around 35 purple weapons with different parts for each one individually in this game,
this info was shared before launch during oen of their interviews… or a presentation. i cant rly pinpoint it down, it was however them showcasing the weapons of the game and how parts work

so a stagecoach is one of 35 different weapons of this game, same as a Q system for example

still means if you look for a purple you look for one of 35 weapons with different parts
going from this spreadsheet

there are a total of 362 legendary weapons / classmods and shields in this game
so because i am lazy i say its around 300 weapons without classmods shields or granades
some like what 3-4 have fixed parts

now, basically this means that this game has
9-10 times more legendaries then purples

i THINK it should be the other way around right?

i mean personally here is how think it the ratio should be

35 purples - 30 normal - 5 unique
15 legendaries - 4 classmods, 2 shields 2 granades 7 weapons
3 seraph weapons for raidbosses exclusively
1 pearl

and all of these have different variations to parts,
what do you think, is it okay to have 9-10 times more legendary gear vs purple gear in this game?
if you think it is, pls just do tell me how its still legendary gear at that point

35 seems incredibly low for total purple weapons. That seems like the total number of manufacturer + gun type combos in the game, nearly all of which will have 3 different guns. For example Atlas ARs have N-system, V-system, and Q-system. So 35×3 plus the 20 or so rare/epic Alien barrel weapons and the ~70 blue/purple unique weapons would put the total closer to 200 different non-legendary guns.

Legendaries have been added steadily since launch but the core non-legendaries have remained mostly unchanged apart from the additional purple uniques added along the way. Makes sense that the Legendary item count would overtake the non-legendary items at some point.

I honestly don’t care much about item rarity any longer. Means about as much to me as item score at this point. One of the best features of the game is the massive amount of gear options to play with so i say the more the better and doesn’t matter what color they are as long as they’re fun to play with.


Tediore alone has dozens of different purples just by the virtue of different reloading effects. This number with 30 something purple guns is as wrong as it gets. And yes, this would count subtypes of weapons as new guns, but that’s what they are most of the time anyway.

You can have the same gun, but change just 1 part and you can get a different shooting mechanism, different elements, a different form of reload, a different range of firing modes, a different scope etc, which all change the feeling of a gun. Legendary guns often are at least partially fixed in their parts (for example the Hellwalker or the Bloom), so there are less different parts on any variation of any legendary gun than on the average purple gun. Still, compared to the legendaries the purple guns are not extremely varied, but still to a larger extend than they were in any previous game and in fact, almost any other looter shooter game.

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so i looked it up again
there are 35 different parts per unique ( not unique) purple
so a stagecoach for example has 35 different parts in total
but its still not that much

but they still dont have that much
9 manufacturers,
each depending on what typ they dont make has like 4 of the 3 -5 guntypes they produce
speak some dont make rocketlaunchers, for example

so its not like 1 does, mps, assault rifles, snipers, pistols, launchers, shotguns,
so id say at best its then like what
9 ( manufacturers)x 3 ( gun types / category) x 4( diffferent guns per category) = 81 ( different guns)
i mean atlas does only assault rifles and pistols if i remember that right so even less
now once we would take the 3 parts we get an insanely high number but that doesnt rly matter
a stagecoach is always gonna be a stagecoach, a hedghog will always be a hedghog, the 35 parts only rly change if the gun has more then 1 pallet, fires faster or has different elements/ dmg output
so rly thats not a point, and gets canceled out by the fact that legendaries have the same

and when you say, there are legendaries that have fixed parts, sure but that doesnt rly matter as its just what 2-3 guns

so k, i was off about 50ish

300 guns legendary vs 81 purples legendaries ( all having the same x 35 on their parts)

In my opinion it’s not that bad, the amount of useable purple gear stays nearly the same as it was in BL2, so if you now find a x25 stagecouch that’s like you’ve found a 14.x firerate elemental anarchist in BL2. In BL-Universe purples and the rarity colors are for picking stuff on story-mode without thinking to much about it. Endgame-wise they lack a unique effect their counterparts (unique/legendaries) have, thats why only thouse shine which have a pseudo unique effect (stagecouche has the ability to have a x25 pellet count shooting in a straight line, variations of T.K’s Wave can have the same pellet count). The purple hyperion shotgun might be usable, but has better legendary brothers/sisters. Proton-Rifle (Maliwan) is a good choice, but gets outclassed by the complex-root. That said, purples are only noticed when their legendary counterpart has kinda annoying effect you like to avoid.

In conclusion, as everybody should have noticed, GBX weapon system is/always was a rng-toolbox with some rules. I read a article on BL2 section how rarity gets rng’d that discribed it very well.

A gun is made of a body , barrel, …
The dice roll and choose the body (manufacturer).
Than they roll again and choose the barrel, thats the point where the game decides if you get a purple or a legendary weapon, the rest of the parts like grip, foregrip, shaft, magazine are only on little impact.

So when you get a purple, the game only wanted you to say, that you weren’t lucky enough for picking the legendary.

Back to topic, there are more legendaries out there, because every kind of base-purple has at least one legendary upgrade version. Sometimes even more (I think since DLCs, bevore it should be 50/50)

Endgame-Wise the purples would be useable if their barrel-part gets buffed, but as in other articles around the discussion-board thats kinda balancing problem, every time GBX touches it, it gets even worse. So lets enjoy thouse purple ones (that are OP because of trying to balance around Mayham) on story walkthrough (where legendaries aren’t droping like rain, so you might have better chances being not lucky enough) and lets ∆∆∆\grind for the power-creep gear introduced in extended content for meta-endgame-builds.