Legendary request

Please remove world drops from dropping from enemies with dedicated loot pools.

They have over cluttered boss loot pools to the point where it takes 50+ runs to get even one dedicated drop it seems.

I’m not here asking for anything to be given out but I’ve farmed traunt now for 3 days about 4 hours at a time killing him maybe well over 1500 times and maybe have only gotten 10 kaoson.

Im on tvhm mayhem 10
And the milk that increases loot rarity hardly does anything at all.

If you lower the amount of possible loot that can drop from enemies and disperse those legendaries into other enemies loot pools that dont have any dedicated then it should increase the chance of which a dedicated drop will occur.

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World drop and designated pools are separate and rolled separately. One does not affect the other. IOW there’s no need to remove world drops as they do not reduce your chance of getting the designated drop item. It’s just that the designated drop chances do not appear to be as generous (or, there are simply more rolls for world drops than designated drops so you get more chances to ‘win’)


Well somethings gotta be fixed here bub this is just by far to tedious again 4 hours for 3 days and 10 kaoson all 10 of which are practically useless

How do you know that a firestorm grenade that dropped from traunt is from his world loot pool ? Could also be out of his dedicated pool, I think. And I farmed him also a lot, as nearly everyone. So it reduces the chance of getting a Kaoson. Look at geniviv, she’s got 1 more drop in her dedicated pool and the reflux is really hard to get.i also never see more than one drop out of the dedicated pool wether it’s an world or dedicated drop. And the last 2 hotfixes changed wotan to drop more than 1 dedicated. It would make sense.

Most (possibly all) of the M6+ guns have a drop rate of 7.2%, so its unlikely you’ll see them regularly. World drop rates at higher mayhem levels are much higher and so you see a ton of drops from the world drop pool.

The dedicated drops however are unaffected. If for instance you dropped to M0 you’ll see a similar number of each of Traunts dedicated drops, you just won’t be littered in World Drop legendaries.

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it will be, just a month from now tho

Sometimes i would like no world drops from a boss that has a dedicated drop. Even if they are separate. If anything gold drops then i know its a dedicated drop. Dedicated or nothing .

World drops can be from badasses, slaughter maps, lockers…

I hope GB looks at that Killer6 video where he kills bosses & named enemies. His suggestion is to thin the world drops and tag them to current named enemies.

They are working on spreading out the dedicated drops so that you’re less likely to be disappointed with a Devoted, Firestorm, or Tankman’s Shield when you want to get a Kaoson.

Common feedback we receive is for named enemies to have their own drops. We are looking at making those changes and spreading out the loot pool in a future patch. This will coincide with an increase to the drop rate for dedicated loot.

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Yes I agree with this I’m sick of seeing the monocle lol

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Cant wait lol

I also think the addition of a dedicated % multiplier for how many enemies you killed prior to killing only bosses. .1% probably and can only stack to +20% so it rewards players for actually killing something other than a boss and it would make people work for it instead if just running directly to farm the boss. The +% will go away if you save quit as well.

Side note: Some boss locations might need tweaked the enemies at atlas hq dont respawn ya gotta go kill ratch pretty much other than katagawa it’s a dead map.

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I’ve not done that many runs and yes RNG is a massive factor but I do a couple of things differently at M10.
I don’t use the Butt Stallion Milk
I don’t run TVHM
I get at least a Kaoson every 10 runs or so, no spot on annointments for Zane yet but I have all full auto in elements and x2 in kinetic and corrosive.
I don’t run any luck boost apart from GR.