Legendary Shields - best to worst?

Ive got three extra orange shields that i want to turn into something better.

I dont want to go with my old standby, the Avalanche.

I recently found a Black Hole which Ive been having a blast with.

Could you guys list the strengths and weaknesses of the various Legendary shields?

Thanks in advance!

Don’t grind for a Cradle.

Outside of that, it really depends on which character you play as really.

Fabled Tortoise is my best. Reogenator probably second.

Blackhole and Reogenator in my opinion are the best as far as legendary shields go and I agree the Cradle sucks D

Does Fabled Tortoise slow you down?


You play like tortoise when shield is up but run like rabbit when it is down.

How much?

Tortoise speed decrease isn’t bad at all. Nowhere near as bad as it was in BL2.

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Did they fix Cradle even? As in made it actually scale?

Doh! Have one and hadn’t even tried it out thinking it would be the same as BL2. Thanks for pointing this out!

I believe not. Never bothered buying the damn thing when it popped up in the vendor.


Supernova (Flame of the firehawk renamed)

Fabled Tortoise.

Reogenator/M0RQ (kinda meh due to capacity, I miss the Evolution) (M0RQ is easier to get. They’re both the same but M0RQ has a different texture and has a unique voice)

Prismatic Bulwark w/ 3DD to boost laser.

Rerouter is kind of fun.

Flyin’ Maiden I guess is like a Corrosive Black Hole? I never used it.

Note: This is not an order from best to worse, just the legendary shields I found I had a good time with.

Flyin’ Maiden is the Impailer from BL2

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the supernova is just a really, really big nova. not firehawk.

I see no one mentioned Shooting Star?

What’s wrong with it?

Anybody care to give a quick heads up on where to get these shields to a TPS noob?

Easiest (guaranteed) way to get a legendary shield is to grind three other orange, legendary shields.

No one’s mentioned the blue, easy to get, Shield of Ages – I’ve been using it over my legendaries for a while now. It’s from the Claptrap DLC – Temple of Boom quest; turn in to Gladstone. Also feels like some sort of homage to the brutally murdered genius – Dr. Gladstone.

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Yep, Supernova is nothing like a Firehawk.

Flying Maiden is currently glitched and unobtainable in the game. Also its nothing other than renamed Impaler shield from BL2.

Well, dispite this thread being about legendary shields, my favorite one has to be the Haymaker.
Excellent shield for Gladiators who have Bloodrush but aren’t pure melee.

On Nisha I use a Warming Absorb Shield, during bosses a Pangolin Shield.

When we look at just legendary shields, my answer will be obvious I think: Black Hole.