Legendary Shields locked in Takedowns

I don’t understand the need to lock certain shields behind the Takedown mid-bosses. Maybe I’m missing something, but I never use those shields, they just don’t seem that great compared to the more easily obtained Transformer, Stop Gap, and Front Loader, or even the Red Suit or Old God.

I’d rather have the guns split between the mid and main bosses, and the shields dropped into the general pool. Or is there a shield that is worth the effort to farm from the takedowns (not that they don’t just seem to drop on every run anyway)?

For me, shields are the least exciting find. Once I have a good one, I rarely swap it out, unless I’m trying to match ASE elements. I’d rather have new artifacts or class mods, or anything other than a shield. Unless they complete the cycle of immunity shields. That would be interesting to me.

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My stop gap makes me invincible when I use Rakks. No other shield needed at this point

The snowshoe and the 0.m hardley even drop.from valks i see berners for days. Its annoying. I also get coms and world drop trash. Id i coukd get the shields id be happy.

A snowshoe shield.can do amazing things with artifacts. Especially annointed.

The 0.m can give you 50% increased. Weapon damage with a on action skill annoint.

If you have zane u can get it when barrier goes down when clone loses shield when you lose shield and on actionskill use. Its an amazing shield.

When shields scale again the berner will be the top nova shield. But considering mobs have millions of damage i cant see any scaling helping. So the berner is junk because mayhem.

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I’ll have to look into the 0.m and Snowshoe again. It’s hard to give up shock immunity, but right now my Zane is suffering from low damage on M10.

It still seems odd to gate “good shields” like this, unless they are truly stand-alone all stars. I could see the Transformer, which is amazing on its own, in place of something that requires specific anoints and artifacts.

The snowshoe shield is like the redcard combined with the frozenheart. Therefor any artifact that does special stuff wethwr its slide or slam will break the shield and cause the frozenheart effect on the projectiles. You can freeze a whole area and get your ammo back with a cutpurse launchpad.

The 0.m is just like i said but you give up survivability for pure damage. Simply get some dmg resistance ona com or artifact. But with your shield ur God mode except for meele.

I run with the Deterrence Barrier, and even melee isn’t too bad. Except for the jumpers. Anything that can jump into the barrier before they are stunned, can still hit hard (wardogs of all flavors especially).

I’ll have to give the snowshoe another look. I misunderstood how it worked. Thank you, you just substantially increased my options. I guess I’ll start saving those shields

I use cutpurse rocket boots. I can get alot of ammo back. I like it.

I dont wanna be pearl meta.

I use a cutpurse launch pad, but it seems to be bugged. It’s not targetting stuff like it used to. I’ll look for a rocketboots one, maybe that’ll be more effective.

Before the launch pad would target nearby enemies, but now it seems to require them to be on a specific X/Y plane. Flying enemies are OK, but ones on the ground, it tends to ignore, unless I’m right next to them.

I believe its changed somehow… It just feels different.

It really does generally home in.

But they need to fix it so some rockets wont hit the floor as ur sliding on a flat plane. I’ve been using it effectively. I usually get 4 ammo stacks back if i get a full slide off.

Awesome, I’m going to give it a try once I find one. I have a snowdrift version, and while I know I’m not going any faster, it just feels really good sliding with those rockets along side me.

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If i could get a cutpurse snowdrift like id use it. Even if it it means im probably getting only one ammo stack back… Its fun to use snow drift.