Legendary Sickle Class Mod LVL 72

Does anyone have an extra Psycho legendary sickle class mod? Me and my husband have spent hours farming and have yet to find one. Was hoping someone might be willing to help us :grin:

Assuming you play on the PS3 based on your last post, I’ve moved your thread to the PS3 category.

Best of luck and happy looting!

Is there a specific level you’re looking for?

I was hoping to get a level 72!

I also have a few different level 72 volcanoes, conference calls, and siren Legendary Nurse Class Mod to offer if that helps

The only ones I have are OP5, so if that helps I’m more than happy to give you one. No collateral is needed though.

That would be great! We are about to start on OP levels so it will be great to have. My PSN is: zbbc93

Okay, Mine is BackOffoRDie. I’ll add you and get it ready.

Alright I’ll be on for the next hour and 30 minutes

Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

Could still use a higher level one if anyone has. I have a few legendary mechromancer mods I can trade also.

Does anyone have a regular level 72 norfleet they wouldn’t mind parting with?

Probably better off making your own post