Legendary siren class mod

can anyone tell me if the legendary siren drops in op levels, I have the legendary cat op2 that’s easy to get, really want the legendary siren had it once off Pete at level 50, but never seen it again. any comments directions or help would be appreciated, oh i have farmed Pete endlessly with no joy.

Sure. Best place to farm it is Marcus’ train in Gingerton.

Thanks i didn’t even know that it showed up there, :slight_smile:

Don’t know about OP levels, but I’ve had several leg. sirens drop from multiple locations within the game - I think it was the first ever leg. COM I got for Maya.

I know you meant to be helpful but you’re just muddying the waters here. Since the UVHM2 legendary class mods don’t start dropping until 62+ and only from Tubbies, it goes without saying that the original legendary mods will likely be the first you see. Since they are in the general loot pool they can drop from multiple sources including red chests and piles of skag dookie. But they also have dedicated sources such as some of the Invincible bosses and Legendary Loot Midgets. And yes, the original legendary mods continue to drop in OP levels.

Much appreciated, took your advice with Marcus train, got a op2 cradle on second run, I’ll just keep grinding away, and it’s pretty easy run, done in 2 minutes,

Yeah, but he was asking about the legendary siren, which is in vanilla game

Outside of Marcus’ train, your best bets are LLMs and chubbies/tubbies. Behind Ellie’s garage is a good place to farm for spiderant tubbies (or was that chubbies?), the Caustic Caverns are good for varkids, and Frostburn Canyon and Thousand Cuts are good for midgets.

LLMs, yes. Tubbies only drop the new legendary mods.

Thats why I don’t get lots of drops from tubbies! XD you learn something new everyday

Really? I could have sworn I picked up a leg. Siren off of a tubby stalker once… Maybe I’m thinking of the nurse or cat. :confused:

True, tubbys only drop the new ones and you can get one every other run behind ellies garage.

I would recommend the Train Chest in Headhunter Pack 3 myself. Got many OP’d Legendary Siren COMs from that one, not to mention the many other Legendaries or even Pearlescents you get from there. Even E-Tech Rocket Launcher aren’t an uncommon sight either.

I’m trying that one now I keep getting other legendarys though legendary psycho, it’s like it knows I want the siren an won’t give it me, arrrgh I’ve been having this problem for months, can get every legendary come but the siren.

Just got a legendary homing quasar :frowning: , I no I’m being ungrateful but It won’t give me what I want, everything but actually,

That sounds like terrible misfortune. Are you using the Siren to farm?

I know how you feel - been there many times. And then as soon as I give up looking for that one thing…

Yes I’m using siren, I haven’t leveled another character yet, been busy with maya for months no.

It’s even more frustrating as I play alone, so from doing the obvious raid bosses for the drop, I’m pretty much at the games random luck, an i never did have any luck. Quick question though I picked a legendary siren mod up at lv 50 off Pete, then I got the legendary cat at 72 so got rid of the siren. I got a legendary psycho yesterday and it had no level indication at the top, so are the old class mods good for any level or do the represent the level you pick them up at ie is a op legendary siren better than a level 50??? Cause if the mod is the same no matter what level, I sold mine arrrgh.

Which system are you using? I might be able to help you out somehow.
Do you have the Psycho installed? No levels are shown on the card if either DLC Character isn’t installed. They do have different levels though. So yes, a OP’d Siren COM will always be better than a 50 one, the difference is quite big too.

I’m using ps3 and I did start a campaign with zero but only got to claptraps place then went back to maya, but it’s a saved game, any help would be appreciated thanks :smiley: