Legendary Skill Mods with Pics updated

Need Legendary Zane Mods post stats or pic thx.
Need The Dictator [ Anointed] all elements
Need Spolder [Anointed] all elements
Need Recurring Mirv Corrosive, Radiation grenade
Need Anointed Cutsman Rifle all except fire.

Also taking Any Good Anointed Weapons post pic or stats thx.

Add me my gt is Outlawkillerz and message what item we trading to avoid confusion please thank you.


I need Fl4k Bounty Hunter class mod. I got a few Zane class mods. if you got one lmm and ill post stats.

I need a Zane class mod badly, don’t know what stats but with weapon damage.

I also have a FL4K bounty hunter mod.

GT DLKnives

Added pics

I would like the Zane infiltrator plz, i can check to see what i have for fl4k


What do you want in exchange for the infiltrator mod?

Other zane mods or the dictator shock fire
Fire spolder or shock.

I have an executor mod and possibly some others. I’m not at my console right now so I’ll have to check also have an annointed fire sploder.

i have a shock sploder,
i am looking for the infiltrator mod, trying to build a speed build, i also need a pipebomb

Outlawkillerz is my gt

Add me I’m on so I can see it thx

Man, i do not know what you where doing?
The deal was the zane infiltrator mod for a shock sploder, you threw a common off with the heat nade on the ground and messaged me i up grade slot for $$$
So i quit out, not time for games

WTF? It was an easy transaction.

Oh my bad thought u where someone else u never showed me anything we I assume u wanted the queens call

I cant guess I have other people trading as well

sorry, my mic went dead.

just went through my trad-able items, going to post them here on the forum, one -
what i am looking for is a pipe bomb, any recurring not cryo, and both queens call and lyuda - also looking for any artifacts and class mads that give weapon damage and either crit or more ammo

post soon with photos

Thought you didnt need radiation sploder?

I looked and dont have 1 :rofl:


Ok that works gt is Outlawkillerz sendcmessage with item you want.

Will do. At work right now be on in about 5 hours.

Would like that Infiltrator mod.