Legendary skullsmasher shot gun

Hey so has anyone ever gotten a legendary skullsmasher in wildlife reservation before? cuz I’ve just gotten one from the mothrakk in the arena where you beat bloodying at.

My bad bloodwing

Well, you should go get a lottery ticket
mothrakk rarely drops the skullmasher sniper

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Yes. Bloodwing/Son of Mothrakk has 1/10 chance to drop the Skullmasher, or one of some skin customs.

Problem is the loot often flies off the map or simply glitches and fell through the floor.


Yea, ive gotten the legendary sniper skullmasher from mothrakk before. Thats his unique drop.

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That’s one of his designated drops so it would be more peculiar to get it from anywhere else as a world drop. I farmed one once but Mothrakk is such a pain in the back because he keeps dropping his loot through the floor or in otherwise unobtainable places.

It’s a decent rifle while leveling up, have fun with it.

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This is why I never bother farming it.


I’ve had it drop and stay in the map one time ever, out of like a billion kills. Never seen the skins/heads, which ever one he drops.

Really cuz I’m siren right now and I waited til it got close to me then I used my special attack freezing it in place in front of me and killed it. The gun literally dropped and sat there for me to pick up. I’ve killed it so many times and never got luck til now. I did this a few days back and out of the whole gameplay I did I got altogether 5 legendaries one of which was the skullsmasher

Not too bad, though I’m pretty sure you can’t hold bosses in the bubble…Son of Mothrakk is one of the worst farms in the game due to it taking a long time to get to him plus the fact he drops loot outside the arena consistently… You can get the Skullmasher as a World Drop, I got one from a LLM once.

You can hold some, I didn’t know you could hold Mothrakk but maybe I’ve never tried. Seeing Blue phaselocked still makes me laugh.

Good strategy. The gun is still overshadowed by Pimpernel and Lyuda and some other snipers but surely it is fun to use.

Considering your time farming it, you probably got few skin customs too, but you overlooked them. They are part of the bird’s rare drop, so it can drop one of them instead of the gun.

Ok. There were a few times where the loot flew out the map but I was lucky this time

I just had a drop from him. I saw it drop and thought it disappeared. I was getting ammo when I was a tiny tip of orange above one of the cages laying in the arena.

You’re better off farming Legendary Loot Midgets than you are farming Mothrakk due to how hard it is getting to him, how he can send loot every which way, and just much of a pain he is. Though he does drop the Skullmasher it can be dropped by anything with him just having a better chance of dropping it.

The Skullmasher is not exactly worth the effort anyways. If you are looking for a shotgun-styled precision weapon I highly recommend getting a Doc’s Striker instead. The Striker deals more damage, is more accurate, has a larger ammunition pool, and is easier to farm since Old Slappy is not far from a door leading into the area he resides in.


Then there’s the Maggie too, with even easier farm. Or maybe the Orphan Maker for sheer power, no farm required except for specific parts.

I have a perfect ROM, but a gemstone (Doc’s) Coach Gun is outpacing it for me with Maya. The ROM is better for my Sal, but that Coach Gun gets me 4 shots between reloads with Maya, I get more Chain Reaction, and it’s easy to apply that ridiculous crit boost. So sexy…

Wouldn’t mind a Skullmasher to tinker with.

I said sheer power, not DPS. A Striker with similar parts to your Coach Gun would have bigger mag size, I think. It’s fun to fire a Jakobs shotgun very quickly, indeed.

That’s fair. I don’t think much about power, though. For me, it’s efficiency-- how fast am I killing, and how easy is it on ammunition? The ROM seems to get me fewer 1-shot kills than my Coach Gun, which also gives me a better head start against subsequent targets. I’ve never really logged anything about it, so I may be off in impressions.

Both great guns, though.

The Striker has an easier time nailing critical hit locations farther away than either the Orphan Maker or the Maggie but the two weapons you mentioned have a higher damage output closer up. The Maggie is just a universal killing tool that has no faults while the only bad thing about the Orphan Maker is the kick.

If you want to one shot everything and don’t mind getting really close get a Hydra, and for extra oomph, get a Doc’s Hydra. Also I don’t know about you but a ROM has always been very devastating for me, especially on my Axton build. It’s accuracy makes landing critical hits easier (it outdoes the Striker in that regard) and is quite the monster. Only reason I don’t use it on anyone else is the self-damage.