Legendary "Song of Vigor" unique effect not working

This is a great legendary piece and one of my favourites in the game, though the unique effect isn’t game changing it’d still be nice to get the full benefit from the 1,800 shards I spend on it every match as Thorn.

were did u get that leg from ?

I honestly can’t remember, might have been from an Eldrid loot pack, I’ve had it for a while but only started using it recently. It’s amazing on any Eldrid as it stacks with their passive regen. If you’re low on health no need to teleport back to base just run passed a supply station then get back in the fight, also works great in tandem with Ambra’s sunspots or Kleese’s healing chair.

I can’t stress this enough, if you play an Eldrid use this thing and you’ll have survivability for days!