Legendary stats are below average gun stats for that level

I keep getting legs bc of the increased drops of BH but theyre so weak. one sniper does barely 200 (even tho it’s jakobs) for a lvl 34 while my 31 jackobs rifles and vladolf do over 300 and 140 respectively. Why are legs so bad in this game? theyre supposed to be great rare weapons and their stats are awful. Snipers seem to be the worse off even with their special abilities. Some legs are great before or after stats but many are so weak. Can we please buff them esp since drops tend to have identical stats for the same weapons

That lower damage might have a higher cirt making it do more.

Legendary guns are much more than stats

The pimpernel has lower stats than a purple Snider. The pimpernel did over 10x the damage of a purple Snider.

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i know that but many snipers dont make up for it at all with their effects. headsplosion for example isnt great esp after its effect. other snipers easily out class it like LYUDA.

very few have this buff (unless you get lucky with a normal bonus not bc of its effect)

Lyuda eats ammo like crazy tho, even my moze can´t regen ammo fast enough for that. Lyuda is pretty much a bosskiller, but absolutly not made for mobbing. A monocle with it´s lower base dmg and crazy crit modifier is way more efficent. With legendary weapons, there is always a benefit and a trade off.

The headsplosion is great and has a lot of synergy with skill trees, yeah lyuda is broken good. Maybe the best gun in the game.

I was wondering if the low damage sniper you found was the monocle? It has a massive unlisted crit bonus.

I’ve also had good luck with the storm and fire storm.

Which sniper were you talking about with the low damage?

If you compare your snipers to say a muckamuck then only very few if any are gonna surpass them in base damage. This doesnt mean that they are worse weapons however.


Some genius thought it was a good idea to have the “+x weapon damage” on the bottom of the card not be calculated into the damage number displayed at the top. The result is this, one-pump chump has totally average stats for instance, until you get to the bottom where it says “+1500% weapon damage”

That is a very large misunderstanding of how that works. That percentage is already calculated into the card number.

The OPC for example is a shot gun, and they have low pellet damage. A opc has (checks math) about 16 times the damage on the pellet compared to a normal shotgun pellet.

Re: Headsplosion. Moze. Give it to Moze specced for Crits fire and Splash Fire.

I dont believe so. my crits seemed pretty much the same. using the rapid fire jackobs is amazing tho. love me some gattling

hold up why does my gun do the listen damage then? i thought it was already factored in?

thats not the sniper shotgun changer one right? bc i really dont like it

I was actually responding to the other person you quoted in response to the One Pump Chump. I just short handed it to OPC