Legendary Tier List

We’ve discussed characters a lot. Let’s rate what gear is best so as to know what should be prioritized. I felt the need to outline a few rules.

1. No discussion of the new drop rates, or anything but the topic itself.

2. No inclusion of “grayed out” legendaries until they are returned, because otherwise we cannot truly place them as they’re being worked on.

3. No complaints about nerfs.

4. The more characters the legendary is applicable for, the better. As in Talon of the Hawk being excellent but only for Benedict.

5. No character legendaries.

6. No Gambler’s Corpse Reviver, for obvious reasons.

7. As always, be respectful, and try to see other people’s viewpoints.

If you disagree with any part of the tier list, please express why.

These may help:


Legendary Tier List Pre-Operation 1 for PVP

S: Significantly stronger than all other pices of gear

A: Always extremely useful
Boots of the Brute
Vyn’s Quiver
Mini-Singularity Launcher
Vow of Vengeance
Symbiotic Gauntlet
Executive Insurance Policy
Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr
Vow of Zealous Fury

B: Very useful sometimes, or always somewhat useful
Borrowed Timer
Doomsday Key
"Bloody Mess" Burst Kit
Symbiotic Spores
Mag Daemon
Stable Executioner

C: Rarely useful, but powerful, or always slightly useful
"Alamo-7" Armor
Burning Sunset
Orbital Tracking Spike
Blissbeast Skull Plate

D: Not very noticeable
Plasmids Transducer
Sentinel Reset Switch
H3NVHM4N’s Capacitor

F: No semblance of usefulness

Legendary Tier List Pre-Operation 1 for PVE

S: Significantly stronger than all other pices of gear

A: Always extremely useful

B: Very useful sometimes, or always somewhat useful

C: Rarely useful, but powerful, or always slightly useful

D: Not very noticeable

F: No semblance of usefulness

A-tier legendaries:

  • Symbiotic Gauntlet and Vyn’s Quiver, arguably the best combination for any ranged character and easy to farm for, they both drop from The Sentinel, Symbiotic Gauntlet from Guardian Arc and Vyn’s Quiver from Guardian Vyn

  • Vow of Vengeance and Boots of the Brute, the melee equivalent combination to the ones mentioned above. Both extremely good on their own, undoubtedly the best combination for any melee DPS character. Both moderately difficult to farm for, they drop from end-bosses of defense missions who have four legendaries in their loot pool each, VoV from Jailer Hylis in The Renegade and BotB from Foreman Grall in The Saboteur.

  • Mini-Singularity Launcher, the stock equivalent to the Vyn’s Quiver, drops from the Varelsi Maligner in The Saboteur (Second defense point boss)


  • Stable Executioner and Mag Daemon, both with RNG critical hit chance as their unique effect, drop from Jailer Hylis and Foreman Grall, respectfully. Sub-par alone, when used in conjunction I’d list them as A-tier.

F-Tier - Shadoculars

CC Reduction is already useless enough as is, and having a low amount of bonus movement speed ONLY while BLINDED is about as useless as it gets.

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Has anyone been able to thoroughly test whether or not the crit chance for both does indeed stack to 14%? I tried searching around to see if I could find any information about that and had no luck.

Additionally, do the Quiver and Launcher proc separately? If so, if the Boots also procced separately, that could be costly but… scary.

Add this to your list, very good link:

I’ve got my eye on 2 from the LLC loot packs:
Executive Insurance Policy - awesome shield mod
Orbital Tracking Spike - Excellent for many Battlebron

Not quite sure I agree about this. Standing still doesn’t work for a lot of characters and doesn’t really work in PvP unless you feel like being a sitting duck for getting demolished. The shield bonus is nice but having to stand still to get the extra attack speed makes it roughly on par with a purple imo.

I would definitely put the Symbiotic Spores up there somewhere. It only works for 3 characters (since there’s only 3 healer characters), but it’s probably the best straight up healing med kit out there (it’s definitely better for Miko than her personal legendary, imo).

I’m curious what people think of the Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr and Vow of Zealous Fury. They’ve got absolutely amazing stats and are reasonably easy to stack up. On paper, I would say they’re probably S tier. Since I don’t have either of them (even after farming Sentinel 100 times…), I can’t really say; someone else could though.

Most gear that have stack effects have some sort of way of losing those stacks, either just by dying or in addition to dying.

On face value, Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr seems like a straight upgrade over Vow of Zealous Fury as the stack requirement is easier to fulfill (critical hit vs. skill activation) for most characters.

If either one loses stacks without having to die but instead by doing certain things, the way they’re lost is important.

[quote=“Master_Oddjob, post:9, topic:1539568, full:true”]If either one loses stacks without having to die but instead by doing certain things, the way they’re lost is important.

From what I’ve been able to gather, Vow of Zealous Fury stacks remain until you die (or at least have a long enough duration that it’s trivial to reactivate a skill within the time limit, like 1 minute). I haven’t heard anything about Stolen Edge, however. Activating a skill being trivially easy but taking time whereas getting a crit requires skill (and combat), which makes me think that they should have the same duration, but I’ve had no confirmation.

They do indeed, so stacking them isn’t the perma-slow that may be insinuated on paper. As the slow is triggered from any attack (not ability) and the Boots of the Brute are triggered every 3 seconds as opposed to 10 you could stack both items for say a hybrid build Mellka or Caldarius, but unless you’re using melee the Boots of the Brute are useless and if you’re using only melee then the Quiver or Launcher are redundant as the BotB is essentially a perma-slow for melee hitters.

It’s incredibly hard to test, RNG being what it is, but as all other gear stats stack with other gear I’d be more than confident in answering yes if not being 100% certain.

Both legendary wrenches (Sentinel Reset Switch and H3NCHM4N’S Capacitor) are pretty awful. Their cost means they don’t increase your shard usage efficiency overall, and the shield buffs for tier 3 buildables is negligible, as character damage easily overwhelms shields at that point. :confused:

Ayup, which is why I’m hesitant to actually use them. Now if they generated shards as well…

As for the topic, I think the Plasmite Transducer is a low-C/high-D tier item because the damage reduction is negligible, the shield recharge rate isn’t really all that useful, and the low shard generation can’t really justify its cost. It used to be a great generator, if nothing else, but now it’t not really worth using. I used to use it on Monty in story for the shard generation, but I haven’t really noticed any difference after I sold it.

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Sentinel Reset Switch does. Mine has 1.4 per sec.

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Yes, it does. I have a max roll Sentinel Reset Switch. But the legendary effect isn’t even noticeable in play, so basically it’s a really expensive wrench/shard generator that basically exists just to pay off its own activation cost :frowning:

Barrowed time, Blissbeast, burning sunset, and Almo-7 are all really good legendaries as well.

Almo-7 is probably one of the best legendaries to run on any melee character in the game. Its only 2 or so seconds now, but I have a P roll and it has literally saved me dozens of times since I’ve started using it. It really helps the melee’s that have to bulldog people.

I’ll definitely agree with you about all of those (Burning Sunset is definitely a contender for an S rank because being able to ignore all of the damage from one skill every 30 seconds is insane) except for Borrowed Timer. In all of my (admittedly limited) PvP experience, you don’t really spend much time in the 10% health range. Recharging your skills when you’re nearly dead is all well and good but only when those recharged skills are going to immediately prevent you from dying. Combined with “Alamo-7” Armor, I can see Borrowed Timer being absolutely devastating, but only because you’re given 2 seconds of invulnerability in which to put those skills to use.

It might also be important to have separate lists for PvP and PvE, since there are significantly different gear priorities for each. In PvP, the expectation is that you’ll die multiple times per game; in PvE, the expectation is generally that you will not die (or die and be revived so that you don’t lose anything) especially when you start having the shards to buy legendaries.

For PvE, I’d put the Vow of Zealous Fury and Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr as S rank. Even if their stacks reset easily, they are still insanely easy to build up and provide incredible benefits. Symbiotic Gauntlet is a contender for PvE S rank as well because it’s almost trivially easy to stay at max hp and get nearly 20% attack damage at all times.

In addition, the 4 legendaries mentioned in the quote are only really legitimately amazing in PvP. You don’t expect to be knocked down to 10% often enough for those benefits to really mean anything (also, the Sunset is basically useless because it only works against players, afaik). The various slow proc legendaries are amazing in PvP but do almost nothing useful in PvE. Each environment has different expectations and demands that considering them holistically doesn’t really give you the right picture.

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Borrowed Timer is very good for characters who can gain health stacks like Kelvin, Boldur, and Mellka, but probably the best on the two tankier characters of those three. 10% of 3-4k HP is significant.

Due to an overall limited number of characters it’s good for, I’d not place it higher than low B tier, however.

Boots of the brute on boldur is amazing

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In terms of PvP, the Vow of Zealous Fury would stack well with the Doomsday Key on melee characters. +35% attack speed on a max roll when both unique effects are active/at full stacks, that’s equivalent to Gali’s level 5 mutation at max Corruption :open_mouth:

The Bloody Mess Burst Kit would also be up there with the A/S tier items depending on character choice and playstyle.