Legendary Titan Kinda Sucks

So I’ve been playing a lot of Sal recently as part of my push to get everyone to OP8, and though the 53-72 grind has been tedious, I’m nearly done. During my levelling I’ve found a few Legendary Gunzerker COMs (the class specific type, not duplicates of the item) including the Legendary Titan. Now, my goal for this character is to be Moxxi-free, so I was a little disappointed when I first saw Sal’s “Tank” tree and saw that he really doesn’t have too much tankiness, despite being in the center of the action.
I guess I just want to know why the survivalist COM for Sal is so lackluster, boosting Out of Bubblegum and Locked and Loaded instead of (for example) Ain’t Got Time to Bleed and Sex T-rex, with a survival-based passive instead of DPS. Might just be me, but somehow it seems that he already has enough DPS. Sadly, the moxxi-free Sal is seeming more and more like a pipe dream.

My spec: http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#055000501005005500505050555000051
The points in Brawn could stand to be fudged a bit, I think I’ll spec out of my Kill Skill (though it is nice to have in Multiplayer) and put the points in Bus instead.

My gear is: Inflammable FotF, DPUH, Grog, Rustler’s Striker, Slag Ladyfist, L. Titan (/purple Chaotic Good Monk COM), whatever 'nades I find, and Moxxi relic

Any help, comments, or suggestions appreciated. I’m sure there are lots of long-time Sal players (Mostly Chuck) who have really delved into the topic.

Building around Brawn is a bit harder than using Moxxi, granted, but its far from impossible.

You just need to tailor your gear around it.

First off…why the FotF ?
I understand its purpose in a Moxxi build where it keeps your health full by dealing damage around you, but in a brawn build, having a shield that is useful only when depleted is a bit counterproductive. I would take advantage of having all your health regen skills being % based and increase my base health (so that the same % of regen equals a bigger number of health)
My favorite shield for a Brawn setup is the Evo, with the Neo and RR as close second. (though the RR needs to be used with a different COM like a beast or monk for example)

For the same reason, your relic spot should be a blood of the ancient with around +50% extra health (and extra ammo of your choice)

Those 2 things together are enough to make the limited health regen from Brawn sufficient.

those 2 skills (along with the base damage bonus provided by the COM) are what allows you to concentrate on brawn and not lose DPS. I agree that a boost to Sexy-Trex would be a better choice, but those 2 are still great. One good way to stay alive is if everything shooting at you is dead :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing of note: the flat damage bonus from the COM is about the only straight damage boost Sal can get, apart from I’m your huckleberry (which requires pistols and only works on one hand) and divergent likeness (which requires 2 of the same guns)

Don’t underestimate a small damage bonus like this when it’s then multiplied by 2 guns and by all those fire rate bonuses.

Not much wrong here, (though a single point in L&L would allow you to benefit from the COM bonus)
Don’t underestimate speed as an effective mean of damage mitigation: with 5/5 in Bus, you can effectively dodge bullets Neo. You can also reach cover easier, get better shot placement and outrun those suicide units. Bus is as much part of the Brawn survival toolbox as the other skills.

Here’s what I would use: http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#550000501005045010514052215005051

I already commented on a few of those, let’s get to the rest.
With all the fire rate boosts you have available in a brawn build, it stands to reason that a semi-auto gun like the striker doesn’t take advantage of the build. I find the DPUH to be a poor choice for a Brawn build too because of its effective range: Usually, you can facetank anything with Sal, as your healing is dependent on the damage you deal, but in a brawn build, you healing is dependent on TIME instead, so you gain by being a bit farther away than what the Harold requires you to.

The lady fist is boring if you don’t have a second gun with high damage to take advantage of it, but its otherwise ok here I guess.

My personal recommendation would be dual Pimp or dual butcher: anything with a high DPS that still has reasonable accuracy at medium range. Dual Interfacer would probably be very good too :slight_smile:

First off: FotF because I’m too lazy to actually bother setting up this build the way I want until I have all my points (I have 5 levels to go) and the build is just now working its way down the brawn tree, meaning I am still using a level 59 DPUH and the Grog to get through, and using the FotF for its healing. I will definitely be farming up a Neo once I get level 72, and then again at OP8. Same with my current choice of weapons, I never bother replacing them (I literally wore a level 8 FotF until level 50, for some context here). The hardest part of Sal is accepting using Moxxi as a crutch, I’m so used to Elated, Sweet Release, and Life Tap keeping my health up. Same reason for the relic, obviously I won’t be wearing the Moxxi’s Endowment past level 72, and thanks for reminding me of the BloA, I gladly would have run the snow piñata until a health relic dropped.

Additional thanks for the ranged weapon suggestion, to be honest I hadn’t put much thought into it. The good news is my Maya has some beautiful Pimps to pass down to Sal, and it is Sal that I will eventually be using to get my first Interfacers. With Maya I’ve only killed Terra, Pete, and Hyperious, Sal is going to be my Vora killer so I can give Maya a sweet Interfacer. I will definitely try out your suggested build.

Thanks for your help!

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I use leg titan and never die and I don’t use moxxi weapons.

■■■■■ amazing.

■■■■■ amazing indeed. Is the secret off-handing a flakker and having another flakker in your primary hand? Or is it having a flakker in all of your slots just in case you get in serious trouble?

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Actually I use 3 flakkers and a slagga. Sometimes a fourth flakker.

The secret is a white turtle shield.

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Similar to Chuck80 except I forgo Bus That Can’t Slow Down for All Out of Bubblegum. This is the build for my new level 72 Sal using a L. Titan (the L. Hoarder also works well with this too so far) with an Evolution as the primary shield. My primary duo is nothing special- a shock Bandit Dubble Pistol and a Torgue Hand Cannon. I use slag Bouncing Betty grenades to slag things with this combo- the secondary combo is currently a Slagga/Rustler’s Stryker pairing. The mag sizes on the two pistols are high enough to trigger Money Shot chains while with the second I’m going to try the Neutral Good Monk com I found on one of my mules- +6 Money Shot and +5 Sexual T-rex. This should make for interesting testing…

This is the build I use for dual flakkers


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