Legendary Torgue Shotgun Build (aka: FLAKKER)

A short while after I started making Borderlands themed props I was approached by a huge fan of the game and regular on the forums. He expressed his love and respect for a weapon that some treat with general disdain, The Flakker. I have to admit that I did not understand the capabilities and true power of this legendary weapon at first. But after a brief tutorial and some toying around I began to cherish this beast of a shotty from the high octane mo-fo’s at Torgue. Always being up for a challenge and already having ideas of a BL2 shotgun project, I agreed to the project.

Now there is a bit of conjecture as to the proper or most effective assemblage of parts on the Flakker. Including prefix which is obviously tied to assembly. For this build it was requested that I approach the build with the Casual prefix. Maintaining a Torgue-centric construction but with the option for a Hyperion stock.

I presented this rough sketch, which to my eyes appeared to be the proper arrangement of components. I was wrong. I can accept that.

This is the reworked drawing with the appropriate pistol grip pump. As you can see, I cleaned it up a bunch. I also produced drawings from the top and bottom views, as well as from the front, but will not be showing them here.

So… yeah. This thing is super duper complicated with a ton of different parts that all have weird geometry. I decided to start with the barrel assembly. After some thought I decided to break it down into 7 parts to make it “easier” on me. (And actually it breaks down into 13 parts. You’ll see why in a bit.) The first of which is the main barrel. I extrapolated dimensions from my drawing set and produced a 1:1 that I broke down into multiple basic trapezoids that I could rip on my table saw. (I do all my drawing / designing by hand as of now, all 3-D modeling is in my head.) So you end up with a bunch of parts. Note: the digital bevel gauge is one of the best tools.

These pieces were assembled into the basic shape of the barrel. I capped it of on the top and bottom so you don’t get to see how I did it. :wink:

I fabricated the two side pods in a similar fashion. They attach via small blocks on the sides of the main barrel. I also added a strip to the top for the sight.

Here is where it starts to get tricky. The vents on the top of the barrel, one per side, each consisting of a main housing and three vent ports. The housing conforms to the contour of the barrel on the inside, but has a distinctive “airplane engine” shape on the outside. I originally theorized to make a stack of components all cut out with a jigsaw… that was a well wasted two hours of labor. I reverted to my woodworking roots and came up with a shape that served quite well as a base to sculpt on.

After spending ample time getting started on the housing, I turned my attention to the vents. I chose 1 1/4" 12ga steel tube and mitered six pieces to give the base pitch of the vents. I had previously datoed the housing blanks to the 1 1/4" size so the pieces would fit snugly. The prop is starting to take shape and look like something Mr. Torgue would be proud to blow $#!T up with.

I realized while marking the detail lines on the blank that the initial angle I used (normal to) for the outside of the port were wrong. So I made the appropriate adjustments, added the detail lines and finished them off with a nice brush finish.

I sculpted the nose and tail of the housings with Apoxie Sculpt and files to emulate the in-game model. I added seam lines, decorative rivets, and primed with several layers of different colored primer.

The pump was constructed from layers of MDF that I reductive sculpt to the half-round/ conical shape. I have a great idea for the details on the grip but that will come in a later post.

There is a detail behind the pump that I addressed with a bit of creative thinking and a staple gun. To minimize the amount of Apoxie necessary to form the tube structure, I domed out the basic shape with some spare foamcore and a bit of a small plastic cup. After minimal wet sculpting and some considerable dry carving I got something I can work with. Though I think I will need to do more as I like to set the bar high.

I took a series of photos to show the state of the prop so far. It has only been two weeks of work on my off time, but I feel quite good about the pace and direction of this prop.

I know for a fact that I did much more work than was expressed here in this post so if you have a question or comment about anything, please feel free to contribute.



Looks good so far!
I wonder if @Blutfatal has seen this yet…

It is his brainchild after all.

Was about to say I think I know who the customer for this one here is, lol.

Great work so far @rainmakerlongboards, I’m impressed.

Thank you. I just really dig the weapons in this game series. It’s hard not to get excited.

[quote=“rainmakerlongboards, post:3, topic:316841, full:true”]
It is his brainchild after all.
[/quote]Check you PMs I sent you my number, my facebook got locked.
Seriously I’m stupidly excited.

[quote=“axlerate, post:2, topic:316841, full:true”]
Looks good so far!I wonder if @Blutfatal has seen this yet…
[/quote]I hired him to do it after all.
I had to hire him, he is one of the best I’ve seen.

Lets see… I had the pump shaped and the hole layout was resolved. The assembled components were sanded down from the heavy primer as well…

I started out by giving the assembly, thus far, a good topcoat of ultra flat. (The pump is mocked backwards in the first photo.)

I devised the appropriate hardware component for the application and counter-bored the pump to accommodate it. The results were set in place with Apoxie Sculpt and primed, sanded and filled. Then primed, sanded and filled. This is still an ongoing process. This is a shot from early in the process.

Moving back to the front of the barrel I selected some washers, that matched the scale drawings I produced, to act as the barrels. I cut out the template for the escutcheon and transferred it to a piece of 16 ga. steel. After cutting and truing. I drilled the holes with a stepper bit and filed the reveals to match the champfer. The plate gets deformed from the fabrication process so I knocked it back into line with a couple different durometers of soft hammers. Here is a photo of the finished plate.

And here is a photo of the assembly mocked up.

I made several additions to the sighting aspects of the barrel. These were sculpted rough and trued with files and chisels. Here are a couple shots of the detail on the tail of the barrel and the finished nose of said barrel.

So I felt there might be some conjecture as to the size/scale of the replica I am producing so I took the liberty of shooting a photo with items for scale. I hope this clears any doubts. Full size explosions!

YES. This looks awesome so far, @rainmakerlongboards! Passing along to the team.

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The effect of Blut. It’s wonderful.

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Thank you. I’m just doing my best to show some love back to the crew who brought so much awesome to the world.

So I haven’t posted in a zillion years… I also only work in short bursts that tend to leave voids in my photo progression. Please bear with me.

I continued to sharpen and hone the details on the pump for the barrel. I was ambitious when I set the details and pushed past the tired/sober barrier and subsequently had to contend with and counter some issues. Nothing plenty of filling, priming, and sanding can’t fix. The result is this:

There are still some things to tidy up on this component but I will bridge that gap when I add the pistol grip assembly mechanism. Effectively making this a “pistol grip pump.” (Queue: Rage Against the Machine)

I started with the receiver for the magazine next, building out the basic shape and subsequent basic detail elements such as the flair around the mouth and the “wings” that continue on to the upper portion of the main body. All plastic card stock and filler. This shot is from the bottom of the unit.

I barged through the basic box shape for the upper portion of the main body and added the first layers of detail on top of that. As the top of the structure has a rounded bulbous feature I needed to create a custom profile. Being ambitious and a tad crazy, I achieved my goal by ripping out 25% of both an aluminum rod and a steel tube. (Don’t try this at home, I am a professional metal worker.)

The result sistered nicely with the rest of the assembly. (I love the file marks in this photo.)

Here is barrel with the two body components mocked up after a couple prime and sand operations.

I applied a couple layers of filler and cut out some reveals that I hadn’t accounted for as well as built up details on this increasingly complex model. The magazine was boxed out and shaped off in an afternoon and after a night of building up, greeble-ing and sanding I got something that vaguely resembles the bandit, Steve.

While blowing off some steam in Pyro Pete’s Bar I came across a Three Way Hulk that happened to have the same body and stock as the Flakker but without the ammo clip and wing on the side. This revealed to me that there is an arming lever on the same side that is mostly obscured but still present in the Flakker that I had omitted. So I added it as well as more details that followed the connection of the two portions of the main body. Here is a pre filled set of photos.

As it stands I am working on cleaning up my side clip and designing the “wing” as well as the sight components. Soon it will be on to the Hyperion stock, which I am quite excited to figure out. I’ll leave you with a shot of the filled and sanded body assembly (I added some details too) and the first round of assembly and cleanup on the clip.


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This looks amazing!
I’ll make sure to keep an eye on future updates.

dude this is amazing!
It’s great to see someone doing a really big gun.

Just promise me one thing - you will make the barrels hollow and you will launch fireworks from it when it’s done :stuck_out_tongue:

all the components will be rotocast so a fireworks “safe” mod should be easy.

lol “Safe”

Well, yeah. You don’t want to catch fire…

You have seriously have me thinking about Roman Candles now.

As soon as I read the first three lines I knew Blutfatal is the one that asked to have this build. Looks awesome so far–heck it looks awesome through and through.

[quote=“Troubled, post:17, topic:316841, full:true”]
As soon as I read the first three lines I knew Blutfatal is the one that asked to have this build. Looks awesome so far–heck it looks awesome through and through.
[/quote]No it was derch and coon, totally not me.

[quote=“rainmakerlongboards, post:16, topic:316841, full:true”]
Well, yeah. You don’t want to catch fire…

You have seriously have me thinking about Roman Candles now.
[/quote]Are roman candles legal in new york?
If so I want this and I will come up there for the christening of this flakker. I will drag coon with me also.

As far as I know, all fireworks are illegal in NYC. Didn’t stop anyone last night.


I turned the shell from a piece of resin stock referencing the details in the heavypoly thread. I also took some time to finish out the rest of the ammo clip and add the hardware detail. Though I don’t have a photos of the process you can see the wrap-around on the shell on the close up.

I built the Torgue specific sight out of several pieces of plastic card, a chunk of aluminum, a heavily sculpted ring, and some hardware. It doesn’t have the slight wedge that it does in-game but i am pleased with the result regardless.

I made a paper template of the wing that covers the ammo clip and after a couple revisions I fabricated it out of some aluminum stock to give it the look of real metal. You can’t go wrong with the real thing! Here is a photo of the main body parts (minus the main sight) with a snazzy filter from instagram.

Moving on to the stock I made an adjusted template from my original set of drawings. I scaled it up as the gun has seemed to grow as it is progressing. After cutting the blank from MDF I mocked it up and everything seemed to look okay…

I progressed quickly with the build but as it came together I realized the scaling was still too small. The grip didn’t sit comfortably in my hand. So I built another unit to the re-readjusted scale in less than half the time. Here is a shot of the old (clad in aluminum) and the new stock. The scaling is subtle but a game changer.

With most of the parts combined, filled, and primed black it looks great.

Oh, and I carved a trigger out of a chunk of Apoxie Sculpt.

With everything but the fore-grip finished I mocked the parts up for a little photo shoot.

I’m finalizing the attachment methods for the various components and prepping for the molding process. Here is a shot of the assembly (33") with me (6’ 4") for scale.