Legendary Trading/Giveaway

So after some posts that were ignored, I’ll make a new one with a list of the legendarys, pearls and uniques i can trade.


Everything OP8

Casual Carnage
Gentleman’s Storm (shock)
Restructuring Butcher (fire)
Shookum Godfinger
Expandifide Sawbar (fire)

Patrol Seraphim (fire)
Basic Omen (slag)

Grounded Bee (shock resistance)
Sham (94%)
Puissant Norfleet (shock)
Analytical Bitch (fire)
Dva Infinity (fire)
Gromky Lyuda (fire)
Practicable Conference Call (slag)
Stabbing Ogre
Hefty Baby Maker (slag)
Nifed Madhous! (shock)
Some Zerker Class mod that i don’t know the english name of

Captain Blade’s Manly Man Shield
Contraband Sky Rocket (fire)
Chain Lightning (shock)
Fireball (fire)
Magic Missiles (slag)
Captain Blades Otto Idol
Zapper Jolly Roger (shock)
Rustlers Orphan Maker
Captain Blade’s Orphan Maker
Captain Blades Rapier
Gentlemans Pimpernel (slag)
Nassty CHOPPER (shock)
Evisceration Grog Nozzle (slag)
Core Fibber (fire)

Thats my list of stuff i would trade.

As return for some of this i accept:
Slag Norfleet
Fire Norfleet
The Cobra
The Hoplite
The Shreddifier
Any Prefix and Element.

If you also have something else in your inventory that’s OP8, tell me, maybe I like and take it ^^

Hey I think I could trade you for the rustlers orphan maker and butcher. I have the norfleets you want or a none element shredifier. Also I’m glad to see someone admitting to trading and not duping.
Add me if youre interested :wink:

I’ll be online tomorrow ^^
Then i can give you these two guns :3

I have 2 hoplites u could look at and see which one u like more. i also have an electric shredifier that i would trade for the norfleet or the sham. add me on ps3 @ grimlydemise223 if you are interested. ill be on :smile:

I have op8 norfleets of every element I would be willing to trade. Any chance you have an op8 shock redundant fibber you happened to not have mentioned? Been trying very hard to get one lately to jo avail

Never mind I didn’t see that core fibber at the bottom my bad. I’d still be willing to trade a norfkeet of you choice for your grog nozzle?

Sure. But like i said to someone else, I’ll first be online tomorrow. (i forgot my gamepad at the house of my friend)

K, dude.
I’ll be on tomorrow :3

Could I get the bitch and the Lyuda? I’ve got a legendary ranger class mod, and a Harold. I could give you a bee shield if you like

Sorry dude, i neither play as Zer0, nor i need a Bee or Herold. Already got a Grounded Bee and a DPUH ^^;
But i still have a Lyuda that i can give you.
But my Bitch stays with me

Oh, awesome! Thank you. :slight_smile:

By the way, the legendary ranger class mod is actually for Axton for you information. :wink:

Still not useful for me tho. Just playin as Zerker and Mechro

Oh. Well, I wish I had something for you. :confused:

I just recently got to OP 8. So I don’t have much. :confused:

what lvl r u cause i hav all the nor fleets a hoplite and fire and shock shreddifier