Legendary Turned to a Blue?

Got a Legendary Trick The Tidal Wave last night while farming Graveward on XBox1. Just checked it out today trying to describe it to my friend and now it is a blue rarity? image

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I just had the same thing happen to my ‘Dastardly T.K’s Wave’, picked it up as a legendary, turned into a blue, then back to legendary…

The game has a bunch of visual bugs right now, like items not showing the correct icon, trinkets glitching, skins not showing up, etc. You have to hover and scroll around just to clear the bugs, otherwise you might accidentally sell something you needed.

hm seems normal now, I thought it was bugged because it displayed as legendary, that much some weapons suck

I got a tidal wave off giga I think,I didn’t like it. Think I gave it to the first random or friend that joined me.