Legendary/unique items that can't be annointed? Opinions?

So, we know that there’s some items in the game that currently can’t be annointed, for some reason. Some, like the Linc, gearbox seems to want annointed but haven’t been able. Others, like ghast call, they seem to want un-annointed, because they’re so powerful. The rest seem to be somewhere inbetween.
So, want would you do with them, if you were in control?

  • Make them all annointed and leave them as they are
  • Make them all annointed but rebalance them accordingly
  • Anoint the weaker ones but not the powerful ones
  • Don’t anoint any of them, but buff the weaker ones to compensate for lack of anoints
  • Remove all anoints or otherwise alter other gear instead of these items
  • Other (comment below)

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I voted for “anoint them all and rebalance” - mostly for the sake of consistency from the player perspective.


Make them all anointed and leave them as they are. If I can get a Re-charge Nova Burner with ASS, a Mesmer with +25% Wpn/Grnd/AS Dam/6s, or a Plasma Coil with Sntnl Cryo, then I don’t want to hear about a Ghast Call, Scream of Terror, or whatever, being “too powerful” to have anointments.


there is no possible SANE way you can tell me that some gear doesnt need to be annointed
other then
i like gbx and i cant admit this is stupid because that would mean gbx is stupid.

ALL gear needs an annointment and DONE
if a fking white gear gun or nade can be annointed or the bloody flipper, then ANY piece of gear has to be annointed

no nerfs, no nothing
some of those actually could use a small buff even still.


Get rid of Anoints all together and just make Legendary gear better, more rare, and with less RNG.

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I originally thought I’d anoint the weaker ones, but given that the most OP gear, like plasma coil, can be anointed, I agree that everything should be. I still think stuff needs rebalancing, too, though, especially buffing weaker gear.

You’d get some dramatic shifts in balance if certain gear was unanointable and/or curate specific anointments ie unable to roll splash.

Imagine if Plasma Coil was unanointed only, Flipper that can’t roll splash or Re-Volter without action skill start. Aside; anointments whose conditions are met or have a finite duration should work regardless of swapping weapons. Balance that.

People would lose their minds though.

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we have degraded to the place where someone can not imagine shields not being ass efect spammable :smiley: cognratz gearbox you killed your own game earlier than it ever needed to die


People asked to steamroll end game without much effort and they delivered :joy:

Anoint my poop.
Do I need to say more?


This, and also rebalancing… love the Porta-Pooper 5000, but it’s almost too soft for me.

I like the ‘anoint everything and rebalance’ since if the weapons are otherwise balanced, we’ll be more comfortable drifting away from the strongest anointments just to get the weapon to hurt in exchange for something a little more fun.

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I have nothing against rebalancing, I just think it’s hard to properly balance weapons that were never experimented with anoints and only used endgame as they are by a few bohemians like you and me.

So I think first let the crowd toy with those weapons in full anointed power to uncover they real potential and then see if rebalancing is really needed.

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first of all it is not hard
secondly if they rebalanced them for endgame it would be like receiving hellwalker after every damn side quest or main quest . this game is so far ■■■■■■ up that it needs complete ground up rebuilding which will not happen ever. therefore only audience it will have are the people who like the game the way it is and that is what will be left in a year. all the negativity and nagging for better game will be gone and what will be left is player base albeit small that takes the game for what it is and admire it that way. and then talks will begin of how underrated of a gem bl3 is while it could have been so much better for so much more people.


When was the player base NOT talking about “what could have been” with BL3? I feel like we’ve all been talking about that since shortly after release.

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I’ll be the odd man out and say they need to get completely rid of anointments. That or at the very least DRASTICALLY reduce how effective they are. Theres no need to add %115 Radiation damage on top of the damage I’m already doing. The only purpose that serves is so you can kill things on higher difficulty levels. And, what sense does that make? Thats a never ending cycle there.

“Hey, we added 10 more mayhem levels, so we updated all anoints to be twice as effective. you’re welcome.”

Yeah, no thanks.

Just get rid of anointments, get rid of modifiers (for the love of god get rid of Mayhem level items) and give me different difficulty levels that increase enemy stats, difficult enemy spawns, as well as rare loot chance and I am good. Like…take the original Mayhem 1-3, remove the modifiers and call them Hard, harder and hardest (lol, I’m sure we could be more creative)

I did every playthrough, level of difficulty and Mayhem there is. Right now, the most fun I have is playing TVHM, Non-Mayhem with non-anointed gear and Guardian ranks turned off. Closest to pure BL experience I can get. I’d just like it to be a little bit harder. Like, original Mayhem 2 or 3 difficulty minus all the modifiers.

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