Legendary & Unique Weapons guide for The PreSequel

Copied from Phetty’s thread on the old Forum:

My play time is very limited at the moment so any help filling in the blanks on unknown info would be appreciated. Best way to make sure I see it is to PM me please.

Assault Rifles

Dahl Major Tom
Destroy the martion spiders!
Fires a three shot horizontal spread when hip fired, and five shot spread when aiming down sights.
Drop location unknown

Jakobs Hammer Buster II
My dad… scientist… you know the drill.
Special attributes unknown
Drop location unknown

Torgue Kerboom
Torgue got smarter BOOM!
Spawns a child grenade on impact.
Drops from Boomer.
Boomer is a non-repeatable boss during the quest “Never is never an option.”

Vladof Shredifier
Speed kills
Spinigun with incredibly high startup speed and rate of fire.
Drop location unknown

Vladof Ice Scream
Winter is numbing
Special attribtes unknown
Quest reward from “Bunch of Ice Holes”

Vladof Hail
What plaything can you offer me today?
Fires in an arcing pattern.
Drop location unknown.

Vladof Ol’ Painful
Come on in… Ol’ Painful is waiting.
Fires lasers instead of normal rounds.
Drop location unknown.

Jakobs Wallop
Packs ones hell of a…
Increased critical damage
Drop location unknown.


Scav Zim
Would you like to know more?
High damage and low recoil.
Drops from Gigantic Ice Shuggarath
Gigantic Ice Shuggarath is a non-repeatable boss during the quest “Bunch of ice holes.”

Dahl Blowfly
These flies!!!
Fires a six round burst.
Deals bonus corrosive damage.
Drops from Infected Dahl Soldier

Jakobs Maggie
Monty’s wife don’t take no guff.
Fires multiple projectiles like a shotgun
Drop location unknown

Tediore Shooterang
You little ripper.
Bounces around while shooting when thrown.
Drop location unknown

Torgue 88 Fragnum
It’ll blow your head clean off.
Fires multiple projectiles like a shotgun. Increased critical damage.
Drop Location unknown

Hyperion Logan’s Gun
Gun. Gunner!
Shots explode and pass through targets until it hits a wall.
Incendiary only
Drop location unknown

Jakobs Smasher
Seven times the fun.
Fires additional projectiles like a shotgun
Veteran reward

Maliwan Miss Moxxi’s Probe
Go deep enough, who knows what you’ll find.
Converts %60 of all damage done to HP.
Quest item during “Torgue-o! torgue-o!”

Jakobs Zarpedon’s Cyber Eagle
Feel like I’m gonna break this damn thing!
Fires lasers with no accuracy loss.
Fixed parts.
Found in chest at the end of “The Secret Chamber” quest.

Hyperion Globber
Lob those globs!
Fires arcing green orbs that bounce once before exploding.
Drop location unknown

Hyperion Lady fist
Love is a lady finger. True love is a lady fist.
Massive critical damage.
Drop location unknown.

Hyperion Fibber
Would I lie to you?
Effect varies per gun.
Drop location unknown.

Dahl Gwen’s Other Head
Gwen is kind of a strange girl.
Bonus to critical damage.
Fires second shot at an angle off to the left.
Located in a safe in Titan Robot Production Facility.


Scav Sledge’s Shotty
The legend lives.
Two shot burst fire
Drop location unknown

Jakobs Striker
Fandir? Thirteen.
Increased critical damage
Drops from Belly

Torgue Flakker
Flak the world.
Has a greatly increased spread and explosion size.
Drops from Even-More-Disgusting Tork
Even-More-Disgusting Tork is a non-repeatable boss during the quest “All the little creatures.”

Hyperion Viral Marketer
Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Lol check this out guys
Bullets ricochet off target.*
Corrosive only
Drop location unknown

Torgue Torguemada
Fire in a triangle pattern. Shots explode again after hitting something.
Quest reward from “Torgue-o! Torgue-o!”

Jakobs Too Scoops
'Coz one’s never enough!
Shots cause an cyro explosion.
Drop info unknown

Torgue Wombat
The bush bulldozer.
Fires in a pentagon pattern. Shots embed themselves in target and explode after a few seconds.
Quest reward from “Zapped 3.0”

Hyperion Bullpup
One bad pup!
Increased magazine size.
Veteran reward

Hyperion Miss Moxxi’s Heart Breaker
I don’t want to sert the world on fire.
Converts a portion of all damage dealt to HP.
Drop location unknown.

Scav Bogganella
Rock off ya dog!
Possesses a colorful vocabulary.
Quest reward

Torgue Jack-o’-Cannon
Your body lays beaten, battered, and broken.
Fires exploding jack-o’-lanterns
Drop location unknown.

Tediore Octo
Octo means 9.
Fires pellets in a sine wave pattern
Quest reward

Jakobs Boomacorn
Always, I want to be with you.
Each bullet is a random elemental effect or explosive.
Makes a horse neighing sound when fired.
Drop location unknown.

Jakobs Moonface
What a BOOMING smile you have.
Fires in a smiley face pattern with wavy bullets.
The “eyes” are considered explosive splash damage.
Quest reward


Dahl Pitchfork
Fires 5 projectiles in an “^” pattern.
Drop location unknown

Jakobs Skullmasher
A real head turner… turned to mush… ahahaha!
Fires multiple projectiles like a shotgun.
Drops from Nel.

Maliwan Magma
Liquid hot.
Elemental effect can spread to close by targets.*
Drop location unknown.

Vladof Longnail
Nailed it!
Penetrates shields and deals damage directly to health.
Drops from The Invincible Sentinel

Hyperion Invader
The executioner has arrived.
Fires a five round burst when scoped.
Drop location unknown

Jakobs Razorback
Watch out for the tusks!
Increased damage, and has iron sights.
Also has bayonet accessory.
Quest reward

Hyperion Fremington’s Edge
I can see my house from here.
Scope has increased magnification. Also deals higher critical damage when aiming down sight.
Quest reward from “Don’t shoot the messenger.”

Vladof The Machine
We pay you back… with interest!
Damage increases the longer you fire.
Increased Magazine.
Drop location unknown.

Dahl Wet Week
Slow as…
Higher damage at the cost of bullet speed.
Drop location unkwon.

Maliwan Chère-amie
Je suis enchante, Ou est le bibliotheque?
Transfusion effect when enemies are suffering from a status effect caused by this weapon.
Drop location unknown.


Dahl Torrent
Spray it to slay it.
High recoil reduction. Bullets ricochet. Five shot burst with high rate of fire and low delay.
Drops from Meg
Meg is a non-repeatable boss during the quest “Kill Meg”

Maliwan Hellfire
We don’t need no fire…
Deals bonus fire damage.
Drop location unknown

Tediore IVF
Thrown grenade spawns two child grenades
Drop location unknown

Hyperion Fatale
Stone-cold killer.
Bonus critical damage.
Faster accuracy gain then normal Hyperion SMG.
Cyro only
Drops from Drongo Bones
Drongo Bones is a non-repeatable boss during the quest “Rough Love”

Hyperion Redbelly’s Black Snake
Such is bite.
Fires bullets in a “V” pattern. Possibly always corrosive*
Drops from Redbelly

Scav Meat Grinder
The lead rain falls!
Fires 3 bullets at the cost of two ammo.
Drops from Meat Head
Meat Head is a Non-repeatable boss during the quest “Rouch Love”

Maliwan Miss Moxxi’s Bad Touch
When I’m good. I’m very good…
Bonus critical hit damage
Converts a percentage of all damage back to HP.
Drop location unknown

Maliwan Miss Moxxi’s Good Touch
…but when I’m bad. I’m better.
Bonus critical hit damage
Converts a percentage of all damage back to HP.
Drop location unknown

Maliwan Frostfire
It had to perish twice.
Deals fire damage with a chance to freeze.
Continued firing might cause player to take cyro or fire damage.
Drop location unknown

Scav Marek’s Mouth
Ask and ask and ask and ask and ye shall receive.
Large magazine size even by Scav standards.
Drops from Rabid Adams
Rabid Adams is a non-repeatable boss during the quest “Treasures of Echo Madre”

Dahl Fridgia
Icy Moon of Munga.
Fires two bullets per one ammo.
Seems to fire in a set pattern, or accuracy is lower then card shows.
Drop location unknown.

Rocket Launchers

Vladof Mongol
The horde will always return!
Rockets spawn child rockets the longer it travels.
Drop location unknown

Maliwan Cyrophobia
No argument here.
Fires a continuously exploding projectile.
Drops from The Bosun

Scav Thingy
Somebody ain’t what they appear to be.
Fires an orb that splits into three homing orbs after blowing up.
Drops from Iwajira

Scav Badaboom
Fires multiple rockets at once.
Drop location unknown.

Torgue Nukem
Name dropper.
Rockets fire an an arch and cause a massive explosive complete with mushroom cloud.
Drops from Flame Knuckle.
Flame Knuckle is a non-repeatable main quest boss.

Tediore Volt Thrower
Helios, we have a problem.
Special attributes unknown.
Quest reward

Torgue Miss Moxxi’s Creamer
Rocket branches off into a “Y” pattern after firing.
Converts a percentage of all damage back to HP.
Drop location unknown.


Dahl The ZX-1
Shots home in on first target hit. Effect ends when reloaded.
All parts are fixed.
Drops from Zarpedon, The Eridian Sentinel

Zarpedon is a non-repeatable main quest boss.
Dahl Cat o’ Nine Tails
The cat’s out of the bag.
Shots ricochet and split into additional projectiles.
Drop location unknown

Tediore Min Min Lighter
Approached but never identified.
Fires a slow moving lightning ball that explodes when shot by another laser or after a period of time passes.
Drop location unknown.

Hyperion Excalibastard
Though art most badass.
Criticals have a %100 chance to freeze.
Frozen enemies shatter by melee kills from this weapon cause a cyro nova that freezes other nearby enemies.
Parts are fixed.
Obtained once per character from Stanton’s Liver.

Maliwan E-GUN
Kills ghosts appearently.
Non elemental despite being Maliwan.
Fixed parts.
Drop info unknown.

Maliwan Thorny Ol’ Rosie
Every thorn has it’s rose.
Special attributes unknown.
Drop location unknown.

Hyperion Mining Laser
PROTOTYPE - Authorized personnel only.
Fires three lasers in a triangle pattern. Penetrates targets to hit additional enemies.
Quest reward from “Infinite Loop”

Maliwan Toby’s Bright Spadron
The elegant way to be clumsy and random.
Fires a melee range laser.
Quest reward from “These are the droids.”

Maliwan Miss Moxxi’s Vibra-pulse
Why not turn me on?
Converts a percentage of all damage dealth to HP.
Occasionally spawns an arcing lightning tether.
Can be obtained anytime from Moxxi’s chest after reaching a certain point in the main quest line.

Dahl Firestarta
Start some trouble.
Shots pass through enemies until hitting a solid wall.
Quest reward from "Torgue-o! Torgue-o!

Tediore Vandergraffen
I’m a fan of the flow.
Special attributes unknown
Drops from Deadlift

Maliwan Lazlo’s Freezeasy
Freeze them to save them!
Special attributes unknown.
Drops from Lazlo

Dahl Zappinator
Puts the zap in your cap.
Special attributes unknown.
Drop location unknown.

Maliwan Lazlo’s Freezeasy
Freeze them to save them!
Special attributes unknown.
Mission item.

Dahl Zappinator
Puts the zap in your cap.
Inhibiting Zappinator
Disintegrating Zappinator
Special attributes unknown.
Available during the Zapped series of quests.


Scav The Shooting Star
Don’t look up.
Incredibly high roid bonus and long recharge delay.
Drops from Power Suit Noob
Power Suit Noob is a non-repeatable boss during the quest “Red, then dead.”

Scav Bigg Tumper
That’s going to leave a mark.
High Roid Damage and decreses your health to 1 on shield recharge
Drop Location Unknown

Dahl Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Situation normal.
Spawns shock element IED boosters which damage nearby players and enemies.
Drop location unknown.

Maliwan Black Hole
You are the center of the universe.
Causes a singularity before releasing nova when shields deplete.
Drops from The invincible Sentinel

Maliwan Supernova
More energetic than your average nova.
Special attribute unknown
Drops from Bruce
Bruce is a non-repeatable boss during the quest “Another Pickle.”
Due to a bug it can spawn with any rarities material resulting in one variation being Magenta.

Maliwan Flying Maiden
I laugh as I’m watching you bleed.
Corrosive spikes seek out enemies who’ve shot at you.
Drop location unknown.

Maliwan Avalanche
I’ll bury you.
Has high roid damage, a cyro nova when depleted, and ice spikes to melee attackers.
Drop location unknown.

Tediore The Cradle
…to the grave.
The shield is tossed like a grenade when it’s depleted.
Drop location unknown

Hyperion Bulwark
Full spectrum.
Absorbs laser ammo.
Due to a bug it does not increase laser damage.
Drops from Zarpedon Ascended.
Zarpedon Ascended is a non-repeatable boss during the main quest line.

Vladof Sham
Wow, I CAN do this all day.
Incredibly high ammo absorption.
Drops location unknown.

Vladof Kala
Charge the lightning shield!
Shock damage recharges shields and HP.*
Drop location unknown.

Pangolin Fabled Tortoise
Win by a hare.
Slows movement when shield is charged, and increases it as it gets lower.
Drop location unknown.

Torgue Deadly Bloom
What do you mean, “theoretically”?
Causes an explosive nova once when shield is depleted, and again when health is depleted.
Can drop from almost any loot source.*

Maliwan Rapid Release
Releases rapidly.
Special attributes unknown
Obtained during the quest “Nova? No problem!”

Anshin Miss Moxxi’s Slammer
You look like you could use a drink.
Occasionally drops “slammers” which boost movement speed, fire rate, and reload speed for a short duration after picking them up.
Can be obtained anytime from Moxxi’s chest after reaching a certain point in the main quest line.

Torgue Asteroid Belt
Straight from the bug homeworld.
Occasionally launches a homing meteor at enemies when damaged.
Quest reward from “Guardian Hunters.”

Dahl Sunshine
Everytime I shut my eyes…
Shoots a burst of fire in all directions instead of a normal nova.
Quest reward.

Dahl Haymaker
Return to sender.
Status effects are transfered to enemies when you melee them.
Quest reward
Requires Shock Drop Slaughter Pit DLC.


Dahl Bouncing Bazza
Give us ya lighta.
Grenade bounces around firing bullets in a circular area of effect while spawning child grenades.
Drop location unknown

Maliwan Leech
A skillful leech is better far, then a hundren men of war.
Damage done by grenade instantly heals allies.
Drop location unknown.

Torgue Bonus Package
2x more awesome, bonus extreme!
Child grenades spawn an additional child grenade
Drops from Tork Dredgers/Sappers

Torgue Rolling Thunder
The thunder shall bring fourth the pain!
Rubberized grenade that explodes everytime it bounces again.
Drop location unknown.

Vladof Four Seasons
Four seasons in one nade.
It picks randomly between spawning any of the four Valdof area of effect grenades when thrown. Additionally shatters air masks.
Drops from Badass Kraggons

Vladof Storm Front
Sometimes lightning does strike twice.
Tesla grenade that spawns additional tesla grenades around it.
Drop location unknown.

Vladof Pandemic
Spread the sickness.
After initial explosion it spawns three homing grenades that will continuously spread cossosive status effect until disappearing.
Drop location unknown

Vladof Fire bee
Bees are coming.
In addition to the fire aoe it’ll shoot off fire bullets at enemies.
Drop location unknown.

Hyperion Quasar
Singularity deals damage over time before exploding.
Drop from Felicity Rampart

Hyperion Nasty Surprise
Longbow grenade that teleports child grenades directly to enemies before exploding.
Drop location unknown.

Tediore Snowball
Fun for the whole family.
High velocity grenade with small explosion radius, but guaranteed or high chance to freeze.
Quest reward from “Infinite Loop”

Torgue Baby Boomer
Rubberized greade that spawns child greades when it bounces.
Drops from Boomer.
Boomer is a non-repeatable boss during the quest “Never is never an option.”

Maliwan Kiss of Death
It takes two to get one in trouble.
Grenade latch onto enemies face dealing damage over time before detonating releasing a transfusion effect that heals allies.
Can be obtained anytime from Moxxi’s chest after reaching a certain point in the main quest line.

Class Mods

Hyperion Celestial Enforcer
“Now THAT’S an upgrade if I ever saw one.”
Increases movement speed while Wolf and Saint are active.
Drops from The Invincible Sentinel*

Vladof Celestial Gladiator
“Sitrep: We’re about to kick some ass.”
Shield immediately begins recharging upon action skill use.
Drops from The Invincible Sentinel*

Jakobs Celestial Lawbringer
“Well ain’t that somethin’ special… Time for some good old-fashioned ass-whoopin’!”
Percentage of showdown damage converted to health.
Drops from The Invincible Sentinel*

Maliwan Celestial Fragtrap
“Hey, what’s this do? It looks AWESOME!”
Drops from The Invincible Sentinel*

Hyperion Eridian Vanquisher
[http://i.imgur.com/NKulp94.jpg]Enforcer[/url], Gladiator, Lawbringer. Fragtrap
Drops from X-STLK-23, and The Eridian Sentinel

OZ Kits

Vladof Ack Ack
I said across her nose, not up it!
Has a stacking fire rate and reload speed buff when shooting airborne targets.
Occasionally it’ll spawn flak on airborne targets causing bonus explosive damage.
Drops from Corporal Bob

Hyperion 3DD1.E
Beep boop beep.
Occasionally restores hp and shields
Occasionally drops care package
Occasionally shocks enemies
Due to a bug it does not increase laser damage.
Drops from CL4P-L3k
CL4P-L3k does not respawn if destroyed during the quest.

Kill it with fire!
Special attributes unknown
Drops from Rooster Booster
Rooster Booster is a non-repeatable boss durting the quest “Grinders.”

Hyperion Supply Relay
Multi-cored life support.
Provides a bonus to O2 capacity and consumption rate for every teammate equipped with it.
Quest reward from “To arms!”

Dahl Moonlight Saga
You give me everything just by breathing.
Life steal while in a vacuum, and health regen in atmosphere.
Drops from Tiny Destroyer
Tiny Destroyer is a non-repeatable boss during the quest “Lab 19.”

Hyperion Freedom Oz Kit
The moon is your oyster!
Special attributes unknown
Quest reward from “Land among the stars”

Anshin Invigoration Oz Kit
It’s like a breath of fresh air!
Special attributes unknown
Quest reward from “Land among the stars”

Scav Cathartic Oz Kit
You Smelt it, you dealt it.
Drops from Poop Deck during main quest line.
Poop Deck iks a non-repeatable boss.

Tediore Systems Purge
Emergency Systems Purge in 3… 2… 1…
Causes you next shot to have a shockwave if you Oz is above 75 at the cost of 50 Oz.
Drop location unknown.

*Needs verification.

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the Jack o Cannon is obtainable a number of ways:
Undeadlift is a drop source for the Jack-o’-Cannon during the special event Bloody Harvest Celebration.

  • After a January 25, 2016 hotfix, the Jack-O’-Cannon is now avaliable as a world drop.
  • Additionally, it is sometimes available as Item of The Day at Weapon Vending Machines
    reference: the borderlands wiki

i recieved mine via a shift code