Legendary vending machine?!

I just watched Pax East and Randy mentioned they needed to find more ways to spend our money in the game as we seem to be accruing a lot of it. What about a legendary vending machine? You can buy legendary guns. OR you could somehow order the legendary your looking for from the manufacturer. I know even with the dedicated drops I farm way more than I’d like, it would be nice to be able to buy the specific guns I want, maybe even be able to customize parts and anointments. I don’t expect that would be cheap, but it gives me a reason to Replay the game and not just the bosses. Just a thought.


I am saving up for one single thing: more backpack SDUs. Even if they open up a Legendary vending machine, I’m holding out. I have nothing but optimism that they’ll actually do this, but I’d be mortified if I got caught broke if those go on sale.

I feel like an addict… “c’mon, Gearbox! I just need two. Just two, man!” salivating all over myself. :smile:


I could use a few backpack and bank SDU’s myself🤣

If u need cash just farm scrap trap with cash infused grenade,tons of cash in minutes :smiley: good idea about the legendary vending machine. I’d like a option to re roll guns or guns parts using erdidum maybe.