Legendary version of Fungus Among Us?

So when playing BL3 I came across a grenade that I really enjoy using called Fungus Among Us, an epic grenade that can be earned through a side quest. The grenade is sticky and when it attaches to a surface (or enemy) it spawns a mushroom which after a short while will explode damaging the enemy it is attached to and creating puddles of corrosive damage around the enemy which can soak nearby enemies.

Since I really like this grenade, I was wondering if maybe there was a legendary grenade that was similar that I should try to search/farm/trade for?

I really enjoyed this mod too on my first playthrough! Hits quite hard, but sadly there is no legendary version.
If you do your second playthrough on tvhm rewards will scale to your Level and you can get the mod on lvl 50.
I dont know how it compares to the other popular mods but you can give it a shot!

That could be something to add as an “endgame” feature, the ability to make Orange versions of any item.

Then we could use stuff we actually like for MM3 instead of stuff we HAVE to.

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Yeah, I have a lvl 50 version, I just wasn’t sure if there was a legendary version or a legendary that was fairly similar. :slightly_smiling_face: