Legendary wapons,are they any good?

i came across only a vew Legendary wapons,and so far most-if not all-are CRAP,is this a scam?am i missing something?At Level 28 i killed Iwajira and he dropped(does so every time)a"Legendary"Rocket Launcher-the damage was the same as a green Rocket Launcher(with corode damage)i already had for some Levels and the corode damage was just a bit higher from the Legendary,but it had ONLY 50% acuracy,while my green RL had 84% acuracy,but i try out the Legendary,i went to Tycho Ribs and fired at the cannon 3 times with the Legendary and i diddent hit it ONES,so i switched to ny Green RL and BANGBANG 2 hits and BYby canon.SO am i missing some thing :thinking: ,i seen different Legendary wapons for sale at the Vending Machines,but i could not buy them,but i prob.also would not because the Nrs were like crap(damage,fire rate etc.)i also had this with Purple weapons i baught,and after i purchage them they were WORSE then a blue 1 i already owned,is this a SCAM from Marcus?is this the game trying to trick you?Even the Exeliber Laser gun i find crap,it has a Low fire rate,so if you been attacked by 3-5 enemy s theres NO WAY you can freeze them,you lucky to freeze 1 with the low fire rate and the other will crush yeh,i had more succes with a normal laser gun with a 6.2 0r 10,0 fire rate.They only good-usefull Legendary i had was the Bee shield(BL2)and is also easy to get(thanks to video`s on YT/Internet otherwise i would prob.never had/found a Legendary ),in BL1 i think i never had a Legendary(i played it 3 times)…o jeh,i just Killed a Robot in Claptrap Voyage and it dropped a"Legendary"Assault rifle…gues what CRRRRAAAAAPPPPPPPP :face_with_raised_eyebrow: it only had±250 damage NO element stuf,normal fire rate and 99 magazine size(so thats they only +)just before that i baught a pink Assault rife(200 moonstones for the box from robot)and that has 750 damage + explosive damage,so the Legendary SUCKS compare to that,i did try the LD weapon but it realy does sucks.i have to fire like 20-30 shots before enemy is dead and even a blue assualt rifle (250 damage+explosive)i had was more effective…wtf…so am i missing something?

I’ll put it this way. Most of the best guns/gears are Legendary or unique. Most of them are better than their purple/blue counterparts but that doesn’t mean they’re all good. Some guns are bad and a bad purple is worse then a good blue.
A good way to learn about specific red text guns and gun mechanics in general is with @Derch The good, the bad and the ugly series.

Assault Rifles are a beast on their own. Some can be really good with the right build but let say theyr are not the “fans favorites”. Especially due to their “special” crit modifier.

thanks for the link,but thats a LOT of stuff to read,and i dont like reading :unamused: special on PC/screen gives me headache(serious)

There’s a series of videos for each category linked from that post. Well worth bookmarking the YT channel so you can dip into it whenever there’s something you want to look at particularly.

What sort of screen do you have? I used to hate reading on screens for similar reasons (more eye strain, but headaches too). The new high resolution screens (like the retina displays) are much easier on my eyes. I also found most of my headaches originated with tension in my neck muscles from sitting awkwardly so I could focus on the screen. Getting glasses specifically for working on a computer helped a lot.

Anyway, back on topic - yes, the legendaries are highly variable. Some of the gimmicks that make them legendary are distinctly odd and can be counter-intuitive (eg Logan’s Gun). It’s not always about the base damage, but about the special effects. Even them, some of them are just plain difficult, but that’s part of the fun - figuring out what works and how to get the most out of gear can be a side game all in itself.

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The issue here (you’re certainly not the first, and I’d be lying if I wasn’t in the same camp when I started) is that weapon strength tends to align with rarity up to Purple, but if the gun has red text, it’s an exception to this rule. There’s a very quick blurb about it in the loading screens, that rarity doesn’t matter, but it’ll take more than than to shake this expectation.

If it’s got red text, it has some gimmick from ‘looks cool but otherwise sucks’ to ‘one-shot raid boss killer’, regardless of rarity. There are absolutely Blue, red-texted weapons that totally outperform Pearlescent ones.

All Orange and Pearlescent weapons have red text, so while they’re all at the high end of the rarity scale, they do not necessarily follow this scale. Some do and are insanely powerful; some don’t, and can be duds.

If you find some Orange or Pearlescent thing (or really anything with red text) that seems underwhelming, feel free to ask about it or otherwise look it up. Many of these gimmicks aren’t obvious at first.

As I type this though - they all work to kill things (or protect you, as shields are in this category), just not at rates consummate with with their rarity.


ah yeh the Red Letters,i forget about those,i did had a Blue Laser(shock/electric)with red letters from quest Maxi and was AWESOME weapon for most part of the game but later became to weak at higher level

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The Vibra-Pulse. Yeah, that’s a good one. Really good for the Zarpedon fight.

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ehh oke,it sounds more like a sex toy,but i believe yeh :smile:

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It is a Moxxi weapon, so that’s the point :stuck_out_tongue: the Good Touch is a vibrator for her that happens to fire bullets :rofl:

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Everything associated with Moxxi is an innuendo…


:point_up_2: That’s the best way to use it. Didn’t had much time this morning to elaborate. Pick it one vid at a time. It’s also a good way to learn their names. :wink: Useful in conversation. I used it paired with the Wiki Special Effect table .

oke thanks,iwill do so,not today,i spent to long behind PC,and then i mostly gonne veel sick/headeache,but i will do so later,thanks to all

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