Legendary Weapon Giveaway

Hello Guys! Well since i have lots of Legendary Weapons i want to give them out! I will be giving them out this week (April 26 Monday-May 1st Friday i will leave out Saturday and Sunday so we can trade those day’s) To get a legendary weapon all you have to do is post the legendary weapon you want the level range and tell me your PSN ID (Ex: I want a Shredifier that’s in the level range of 50-63 and my PSN is DarkBlader41.) And then i will see the post and look to see if i have the weapon or farm for it. And if i can’t get it in time i will notify you so you can choose a different weapon. But if i do have it or get the weapon i will tell you so we can meet online and i can give you the weapon.


Hey can I get some legendaries

We’ve spoken on my post already, but I’m looking for anything to outfit lvl 30-50 krieg and Maya. Might make a zer0 soon. Anything left over I’d love to have. I like to dupe what I have to pass out to newer people I meet.

Yes you can have legendaries just tell me your PSN ID what weapon you want and the level range. But only weapons sorry.

Hmm by outfits do you mean customization’s because i may have a few for Maya but i don’t know about Kreig anyway i’ll see what i can do. :wink:

Ok guy’s i need some sleep so i will continue this conversation tomorrow. So good night!

Up to what level are you giving away? If you have any 72’s I was hoping you might have grounded and alkaline bee shields that you’re giving away. Thanks in advance.

I am giving out weapons that are Level 1-72. Hmm even though this is a weapon giveaway i may have some bee shields i can give you.

I actually do have some Bee shields i can give to you. Just tell me your PSN ID and the level range you need it in.

Goodness gracious! I need a 72 grounded bee and alkaline bee. Thank you so much if you do have them. PSN pookie151

Yeah i have them. And no problem i’m glad to help i also have The Sham if you want it. I will add you today but i can’t trade today sorry!

Thank you so much man. I do have the sham already thank you for offering. But in addition to the bees, would you happen to have a shock norfleet at 72 as well?

That should be it sir and anytime you’re available just msg me or post here and mention the time zone since I’m in the West Coast in California and I will do my best to make it.

Wow! What a coincidence i have a shock Norfleet right now and it’s in level 72! Oh and i’m in the Pacific Time Zone. (Im in Washington.)

I will try to play today in about 30 min to trade but then i’ll get off.

Whoa! Another Christmas in July! Thank you sir!

So two bees and a norfleet. Well i’ll be damned :blush:

@magan22 add gatorsaredopeeee

Hey do you by any chance have a level 61 Emperor? If you do my PSN is crona609

I’m looking for a 50 conference call

Cincinnatifan i have a level 50 Conference Call but do you mind of what element it is? If you want it in a certain element tell me.


It don’t matter. I just want it