Legendary weapons turns into epic weapons

Hey there, i was wondering, have anyone else seeing there legendary weapons turns into epic weapons ? i have a The Companion pistol that was a legendary weapon a few hours ago turns in to a
epic one, is it a GUI glich or was this done behind the screen like everything else with the stealth nerf that just happen last night ?


Stealth Nerf?

yeah doing stuff behind the screen that we don’t see and hear about, i was farming the same boss over and over last night and it look like it has been giving more stuff to its abillits to take down the players then it normaly did before the patch, got discornected from the online service 3-4 times and everytime that boss acteded more wierd and diffrint then it used to. anyway, it was about the gun just want to know if its a bug or not

I’m not sure bud. All my legends are still…well legends.(I’m also new to the forms)

would be nice if a Mod could give a awnser to this question.

Actually same thing just happened to me, I’ve been using The Companion and I KNOW it was a legendary and now it shows as an Epic weapon. Also I just used my last key on the golden chest and I picked up 3 legendaries and the rest items were epics so why do I have a blue in my inventory??? I had just cleared my inventory…

We’re not tech support. We’re not informed of every tweak. We’re just gamers who gearbox thought might like to help keep their forum civil.

We also don’t read every single post so the answer might be out there.

thx for the replay, i see it turns back to normal now, looks like it’s a server side thing. but it could still happen to other players who don’t play online as well.

Might be some bugs with certain weapons. The Companion is definitely one that keeps flip-flopping from Legendary to Epic and back.

It just happened to me! It switched my t.k wave to blue though. @stoiss3

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Yes, i noticed this too when i did some testing without the hotfix in place. Once i loaded up my character with the hotfix enabled, their legendary status were restored. My affected weapons were T.K heatwave shotgun which alternated between orange to blue and a purple E-tech shotgun turned into a blue which i don’t think ever restored to purple quality. Eitherway, it’s likely side effects or server side changes by the hotfixes. Likely visual bugs mor than anything aswell

i have the companion as well, it’s still legendary.

I just had that happen to me

I have noticed that this only happens if they game is loaded in offline mode, or when it says that there are available updates available if you return to the home screen to apply.

This happened to me to. The companion turned into an epic weapon - strangely the wave turned into a rare weapon. Sounds like its fixed tho?

It happens when you play offline. When you get back online and the hotfixes are applied, they are normal again. Found a blue TK’s Wave offline and when I got back online it became legendary.
Why they didn’t add this to the update is beyond me.

Yes same here I have The Companion pistol and it just turned purple when I signed in for some reason?