Legendary's effect - how long does it last?

How long does a legendary’s special effect last?

E. g. I have Vow of Vengeance that stacks attack damage with every melee hit. Is it enough to perform 10 melee hits to have that bonus last until I die or the end of the match? Or does it have a timer? Is there a way to see if the bonus is active or not?

Anyone? No one knows?

It’s a mystery.

Quick question: How did you get the Vow?

Buddy of mine told me its a random legendary from Renegade. But I just wanna be sure

Unfortunately I don’t remember which mission it was. Yeah, probably The Renegade, we got bronze there and the Renegade now has the hardest medal requirements compared to other maps. Normal difficulty, public queue.

The best chances are its permanent until you die or its a 5 second buff as long as you keep landing melee hits.

it is from the renegade

You can always test it in private match. Usualy the buff is 5 seconds on many of them it seems.