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This has been a… ■■■■■■■ great year for new shows, but Legion is awesome. Had a slow start up until around halfway through ep 3 into the start of 4, but mother of god.

I’ve only watched episode 1, which I loved by the way, I really need to see this but I don’t have a channel that plays it.

I will have to see if one of my friends can do me a solid

The first episode is great. Next two are slow, and everything else has been pure raw mindfuck.

I watched the first when I visited a friend in Newark, on his KODI, and loved every minute of it

I have been waitinmg for it to hit Netflix or something, but alas nothing as yet. So I can probably get one of my friends to load in to my PC or tablet for me

Actually I will reach out now, been eager to watch

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Finally got to see the first episode. In spite of the AWFUL video quality (That kept skipping ahead 1-3 seconds on FX’s website) it was really, really good. I’m going to have to see if I can watch it in higher quality elsewhere…

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