Legit Co-Op Partners

Hi looking for good co-oppers of any level for Borderlands TPS

I’m into:
No Illegit means
Found gear, imperfect parts and all
Allegiance builds for fun
Sharing gear with who needs/can use best
Other good co-op practices like knowing when to let ppl get kill revives/second winds
Letting whoever is host accept/turn in missions
Sharing legendaries found during co-op via dashboard save, etc if you want (during breaks if playing with a group)

(I also play BL1 and 2)
Message for PSN

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Add me , proalien007 , also play bdl2 , we are two , if you speak french it would be a must , thx

I have 1, 2, and Pre-Sequel and all DLC except Moxxie DLC for 1. My PSN is SlopingDrake657