Legit Galilea issue Gearbox..HAALP

I posted this in the Galilea specific thread, but I’m putting it here too because I want it to be seen.

This is my favorite character, and I have come to the conclusion I will never master her, which SUCKS. The lore “Frienemies” to kill Ambra 25 times is impossible. A lore based on the luck of being matched up against a specific character, and then killing that specific character is ridiculous. I’ve played a lot this weekend and have been keeping track, out of last 13 versus matches I’ve been in, I faced Ambra once. This sucks Gearbox.

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Whiskey foxtrot has same problem. I think these should be changed, but not holding out hope.


Thanks for the concern to get this attention but just one thread will do the trick, friend.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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