Legitimate question for the devs/employees

I assume I’m posting in the correct place since this is pertaining to Gearbox in general. Anywho, I was hoping to get some feedback from those of you that are currently employed at Gearbox on this particular subject. So basically, I would love more than anything to land myself a career with the team responsible for my all time favorite game franchise with many lands and few borders ;p and I’ll be honest. I have no industry experience whatsoever. The extent of my experience is gaming religiously the majority of my life and a bit of beta testing with an occasional bug report lol. So I figure before anything I need to go to school to learn the skills I’ll need and I’m having a hard time deciding on what might be the most beneficial school to choose when keeping the goal of getting a job at Gearbox specifically in mind. So I’d like to know what your opinions are on that? Any schools/programs that would be more ideal than others to consider? I’m aware of the different BA and BS degrees out there related to the industry but still not certain on which route to take. I really appreciate any input from you all on this, thanks!