Lego Baserunner Model

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I built this for my first Lego convention (Brickslopes) last year. This is my interpretation of the Baserunner from Shipbreakers. It’s equipped with LEGO Power Functions (which means that it really does drive and steer with a remote control). It has 6 wheel drive and 6 wheel steering, as well as fully independent suspension. the wheels are off-road RC tires (non Lego) but are mounted to Lego rims.

Click the link below the image to see the rest of the photo-set along with my other Lego creations.

Baserunner MRK-02 (6x6 Exo Recon ATV) by curtydc, on Flickr

Lego Ship Master Thread (Many Pictures!)
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Extremely rad.

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Amazing. I want one haha

(doci7) #4

Dang! Especially impressive since the game isn’t even out yet; no idea where you got enough reference to make that, and all the support craft to boot!

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Dude. Awesome!

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Here’s some other Lego Homeworld material to go along with: I’ve had these pictures of a Taiidan Carrier floating around for a long time but no where to show them:

A few other photos can be seen here:

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(Sastrei) #7

Wicked cool! You’ve already posted your other ships from Flickr on here right?

(doci7) #8

Not yet, but I probably should.

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There is some irony that @Kragle is making homeworld ships from lego and @sastrei is making lego ships in homeworld… Both are great!

(doci7) #10

Lol, yes, it is a long-withstanding irony. If I could figure out an easy way to get these lego models into reasonable game files, I’d consider making a Lego Homeworld mod, or at least passing on what files Sastrei might want (if he could really make use of them in the Classic Space setting) but no such easy way exists to my knowledge. Here are some of the old old pictures; so old, sadly, that at current I don’t know where the source files are… I fear they may be trapped on my dead mac (whose hard drives should still be okay, if rather inaccessible):

That’s really the best of what I’ve made so far; I have a bunch of actual brick mini-models I would like to show here too, but real life photography is just such a hassle I still haven’t gotten around to it, lool.

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i now know where you get your profile photo from :wink:

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(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #13

I was looking at these and I was wandering if I could get these models in an .lxf format to mess around with.

(doci7) #14

Unfortunately all of those are from the deep recesses of time immemorial where I can’t easily reach them. They are pretty much only extant as .c4d files; any prior version of them can only be extracted from a now-deceased Windows 98.