LEGO Borderlands 2: Return to Pandora

Some of you guys might remember my life sized Claptrap last year, and after that a bunch of my LEGO building friends (GamerLUG) picked up Borderlands 2 again … and we played a lot of it.

So when it came down to think about fun things to build, we decided to build out the entire Borderlands 2 cast … and then some. Check out the full crew:


A video walk through:

Imgur Gallery of everyone!



Ooh…Me like…Me like a lot…
Very impressive.

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I love this so much I don’t have the words to really explain it

@Abvex check this out

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Love it.


Yuuuuuuuuusssss so much awesomesaaaauuuuceeeenessss

Yet, you must construct a constructor xP


@JoeKGBX you should look at this


Yea, this is awesome and was definitely passed around the office. Nice work @Si-MOCs!

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Hehe yes, we had originally planned on building a Constructor, but to scale it right with the other characters it’d be have to be around the same size as the Badass in the back… about 3 feet tall and equally deep … which is a bit much, even for us :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad everyone enjoyed it over there :slight_smile:
Hopefully some of it eventually makes it out there!

Now I’m imagining Saturn in scale with the gang lol. Saturn would probably be “easier” to build even if it would be monster sized.

A M A Z I N G work!!
really, congratulations!
the ultimate badass loader is awesome: I want it.

That is awesome Simon.