[LEGO] Mini Kushan Interceptor instructions

(Sastrei) #1

I’ve made instructions for @Kragle’s mini Kushan Interceptor. Enjoy!

(doci7) #2

Thank you! I always wanted to know how to build that :smile:

Just don’t anyone forget that really 90% or so of this model is actually the original work of Andrew Harvey:

(AndrewHarvey) #3

Huh, I never expected anyone to use them as inspiration. Imagine my surprise when searching for lego Homeworld models turned this up. Finding something like this after nearly a decade away from Lego is pretty funny.

The line of Kushan strike craft you went on to build to that scale are really impressive! The Salvage Corvette in particular was a favorite.

(doci7) #4

Wow, cool, you’re the real guy!!! I’m very pleased that the results of your work haven’t escaped your notice!!!

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(AndrewHarvey) #5

Definitely, in fact coming across your models solidified my desire to return to my own. I’d already downloaded Lego Digital Designer, so I was able to throw together a few ideas to improve my old Interceptor and Heavy Corvette plus make a Scout to go with it.


I’m a little stuck on the Multi-Gun Corvette, so the Light Corvette is probably next on my to-do list. Here’s the LDD File for these three.

(doci7) #6

Very clever work with that new cockpit method! The Scout particularly looks great! I’m still a bit partial to your old Interceptor with the downslopes on the sides of the thruster. But I’m really starting to wonder why I didn’t take more cues from your heavy Vette; the layering and thickness are really great features!

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(AndrewHarvey) #7

Thanks, it really does allow for a lot of detail in a small package. The 1x1 Bricks w/4 Studs really do all the hard work for the Corvette, the rest was just a lot of trial and error. Scaling it down made making the Light Corvette pretty easy. I ended up going ham with the new ingot pieces on the Interceptor and Scout, and reworked their engine areas. They might not have as much of that simple charm anymore, but I’m really happy with them.

LDD File

Now I need to figure out that dang Multigun Corvette.

(doci7) #8

Those ingots create a terrific effect, especially on the scout!