LEGO Pride of Hiigara

Hi there, for my first post on this forum, I present you a lego model of the Hiigaran Mothership.
This model was made for the Lego event SHIPTEMBER, which consist of building within a month a spaceship taht is more than 100 studs long (height in the case of this ship).

here are the pictures :

SHIPtember Pride of Hiigara by dorian glacet, sur Flickr

SHIPtember Pride of Hiigara by dorian glacet, sur Flickr

Pride of Hiigara by dorian glacet, sur Flickr

For those who whishes to build it, here is a dropbox link to the .lxf file for use with Lego Digital Designer :


DUUUDE! I’m all about the Lego Homeworld scene; I don’t know why all of these are getting posted as independent threads though; we probably oughta have a master HW Lego thread! But enough of the griping; that’s a great model, and kudos for sharing a build file! Also the size of it is very impressive; shown on the building desk alongside spare parts it really becomes pretty amazing just how big it is.


Hi all! I’ll piggy back on Dorian’s thread here to also post my SHIPtember competition LEGO build, the Hiigaran Battlecruiser. Hope you all like it!


Oh WOW! Not only is that ship beautiful, but don’t think I overlooked the excellent frigates, corvettes and scouts you have to relative scale! Should you ever want to, PLEASE do some HW1 stuff! If you can make HW2 look this great, I’d love to see what you could do with HW1.

HW1, Taiidan Would be good :smile:

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The ship is damn good, well done !
I wonder, is it possible to get the plan to build it ?

And do you know of any one who would have done the Kun-Laan from Cataclysm ?