Lego Ship Master Thread (Many Pictures!)

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Put all of your Lego creations here, instead of making separate posts for them so there can be one place for them!

Lego Visual-Aid-Enhanced "Story"
(Taiidan Republic Mod) #2

Not my creation, but quite neat:

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Small but looks good!

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One @Kragle put on another thread:

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All Kragle’s:

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Obligatory Homeworld project on Ideas

Plus the unparalleled Vaygr bomber by Adrian Florea:
Vaygr bomber 2

And Bentus by de_chef:
The Great Harbor Ship

I’m also rather fond of this steampunk Bentusi:
The Bentusi Gather by V&A Steamworks

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Well if we’re really gonna do the master lego thread, I’ll just go ahead and link all the other ones. If the original authors want to make their own repost of their work in this thread, please do so and let me know if you want me to take down my quotations of your posts…

Lego Pride of Hiigara by Dorian Glacet as posted below:

Lego Hiigaran Battlecruiser by rolsen, as posted below:

Tim Schwalfenberg’s Vaygr Battelcruiser as posted below:

Lego Baserunner by curtydc as posted below:

Lego Baserunner Model
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I wonder how they got the info to build the baserunner?

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Oh, this thread is freakin’ awesome.

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Say that to the people that made the ships! :smiley:

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I’m saying it everyone! :smiley:

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Yeah, there might be a few likes here and there!

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Both the battlecruisers look amazing (and big)

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I have a good idea: a mod that completely changes the race’s ships into Lego versions of them like BrickSpace but uses only the vanilla ships!

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Okay, new content time! Gonna parade all my REAL LIFE Homeworld lego models. Nothing big or impressive but a lot of fun little units. I’ll start with the fleet that has the most ships:

A mobile Manaani strike wing.

Presiding is the Support Frigate, ferrying the squadron on its hyperspace patrols of the outer frontier.

The blurry Interceptor you see here is borrowed from Andrew Harvey. His mini-inty is kind of what the entire rough scale of everything was based around. Here’s a link to his work:

Back to the other stuff. Where would Kiith Manaan be without their stuffy compatriots, Kiith Naabal?

Still somewhere probably, but hey, it’s a segue question. But wait…

Trouble on the frontier!

Faced with the wrath of 3 TURANIC INTERCEPTORS, the Kiith might be in for way more than they can handle!!! That is, until…

Somtaaw reinforcements shuffle in!

They were monitoring the situation all along with their MCV, cleverly disguised as an asteroid, which, had I had one on hand, I would’ve represented with a potato. The ol’ ship-cleverly-disguised-as-an-asteroid-cleverly-disguised-as-a-potato trick.

There’s Acolytes and ACV’s.

And a Hive Frigate!


But in spite of all this camaraderie, there just doesn’t seem to be any hope of victory over the 3 Turanic Interceptors. But at the last, the battle is won, by Bentusi intervention:

Only the mad would attack the unbound. And the Turanics don’t get mad… they get angry.

But all would be for naught if I hadn’t made some Taiidan too! Observe:

They come in equal parts Imperial and Republic variety. Or, do they? Let me finish off with one last Frigate:

Yes, the heavy artillery is in the hands of the Republic. Long live democracy or whatever.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this!

[MOD] BrickSpace Meta Edition - Update 05/07 - New Taiidan in-game ships!
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That’s amazing! :smile:

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All of these are awesome. And great idea for a thread, @nathanielmattock! I featured it in our Gearbox Community Round-up blog post this week!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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I renamed the title because of the Many Many pictures on this thread.

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Good call! People love their pictures.