Lego Ship Master Thread (Many Pictures!)

(Kurtis Millette) #183

Lego Ideas petition for the taiidan frigates? Seems to be well liked on the Facebook group so what do you guys think?

(Sastrei) #184

You’ll have my support! And I shall linkspam it on all the AFOL sites. :smiley:

(doci7) #185

Let nothing deter you until the day we can all play as Khagaan Gaalsien in Lego Dimensions, lol!

(doci7) #186

I’m extremely excited to get to show off some of the fruit of a collaboration with @LozTheBear, who brings you the following image:

He was more than kind in my quest to try to make some proper renders of Lego Gaalsien hardware… a task I was not equal to. I couldn’t be happier with his fine renders!

(doci7) #187

Okay, I’m going to skip right to the part where I show all the models together:

@LozTheBear has been rendering these in 4K, so should anyone be interested in desktop options, I’ll link the full size images here:

Gaalsien Fleet
Gaalsien Assault Ship

Many thanks again to Loz for making this happen!

(REARM V2) #188

I’m staring at it with my mouth open. Literally.

(Kurtis Millette) #189

It’s just so beautiful. I’m putting these in the game. That’s it, it’s gonna happen. I MAKE LEGO GO BOOM

(Kurtis Millette) #190

Side note, irl frigate complete. With banana for scale.

(doci7) #191

If it was TO scale with the banana, it would be really really small! Small enough to fit in the banana’s smaller hangar, lol!

(REARM V2) #192

My thoughts exactly. That’s either a very small banana or a mothership sized Frigate.

(LozTheBear) #193

slow but sure progress… still waiting on a few international BL orders but nothing that’ll hold up building this week…

(Kurtis Millette) #194

dolts banana for Lego model scale xD also I can’t wait to see that assault craft done :smiley:

(doci7) #195

I really admire modelling on that scale, and I’m glad we got to see the superstructure! It’s like Vaygr Assault Craft meets Death Star II right now :wink:

(LozTheBear) #196

when I get it built, I’m going to put it side by side with the UCS star destroyer I have - I think the two are roughly the same size :grinning:

(Kurtis Millette) #197

I ain’t got money for that kind of stuff otherwise I’d do it.

(LozTheBear) #198

the only way I can get away with it for this and any one of my other hobbies, i.e. approval from the boss (wife) is if I earn it through extra means on the side. sometimes overtime, other times its odd jobs for neighbors.

(Kurtis Millette) #199

I was supposed to be making my vaygr assault frigate. Instead I added a support frigate to my fleet.

(doci7) #200

You’ll have to enlighten us about your fleet! I’d like to know who they are and such… I used to be quite involved in trying to make my own HW race, and that’s a task I hope to return to eventually.

@LozTheBear rendered another vessel on my behalf! Not one I’ve made since the Gaalsien, mind you… it’s been around for a while, but I don’t recall posting any evidence of it at any point…

(Kurtis Millette) #201

They’re human ships. For a book series I am writing. Delta wing design is our signature, and they function as space craft and naval ships. They land on water.

(BitVenom) #202

I’d love to see that Vgr_Dest from some other angles, that one makes it looks a bit short/distorted! Still, really wish I had time to build one of these… one of my favorite units from the game!