Lego Ship Master Thread (Many Pictures!)

(LozTheBear) #203

any particular angle in mind dave?

(BitVenom) #204

If you take the view as it stands, raise the eye a small bit, and turn… 30 degrees clockwise? More ‘along’ it than looking down the nose… :slightly_smiling:

(LozTheBear) #205

clockwise or counter-clockwise? clockwise and you’d almost be looking directly at the nose.

(doci7) #206

Not renders exactly, but should hopefully inform your perception of the shape…

I’d like to believe that if it looks scrunched, it was due to a combination of telephoto lens effect and the exaggerated height of the turrets that I at least didn’t have the know-how to avoid. But truthfully I can’t remember how concerned I was with trying to achieve exact proportions. Maybe not as concerned as I ought to have been, lol.

(Kurtis Millette) #207

I’m starting on this:

Gonna make all the frigates and above to scale with one another, 41 studs long for vgr assault frigate.

(doci7) #208

Good start… I like that turret!

Also, I had no idea the Vaygr Assault Frigate was that much larger than the Taiidan counterpart!

(Kurtis Millette) #209

hw1 frigates are noticeably smaller than hw2 ones. i think with the vaygr i can actually make their corvettes to the same scale as my frigates cause they too are larger than the norm. They function much more like real corvettes do, in that they’re not basically heavy fighters but smaller frigates with more speed and maneuverability. Basically the series has the concept of Gunship and Corvette switched in that the hiigaran gunships are more like corvettes and the kushan corvettes are more like gunships. but it’s all semantics.

(Concordion2k) #210

I’ma try my hand at making some Kushan frigates, using the above Taiidan examples as a reference point. Wish me luck!

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #211

Good luck! :slight_smile:

(doci7) #212

I’ve got a virtual build of a Kushan Support Frigate that matches this if it would be of use to you as further reference:

Let me know if the file might be helpful.

(Concordion2k) #213

Im trying to think up a chassis to build all kushan frigates with. @DarthSoban showed the Taiidan frigs higher up in the thread, and they all seem to share a general chassis shape.

Do you have this build in a LDD file?

(Kurtis Millette) #214

I have this kus frigate in ldd but it’s significantly smaller than it should be, I cans end you the file i was working on, but the one I attempted ended up being too big, so between that size and the size of Doci’s should be perfect xD

(LozTheBear) #215

(doci7) #216

Thank you very much, as ever! That’s a very nice angle.

(doci7) #217

Okay, first experiment with LDraw-POVRAY pipeline on my own. I can see I have a lot to learn…

Model’s not too special either, but I tried dang it!

(Sastrei) #218

He looks like a beetle! :smiley:

(Kurtis Millette) #219

Crest is for the Siidim not coalition, but nice.

(doci7) #220

Yeah, I mean, it’s a “Coalition” design in use by Siidim… I used their colors too. But I guess I was rather unsure whether to call it by who’s using it or whose design it is… especially since the Siidim were members of the Northern Coalition for as much as I can tell.

(rolsen) #221

Hi guys, thought I would post my Rachel S’jet Baserunner from DoK in the thread. Hope you like it.

Lego Visual-Aid-Enhanced "Story"
(doci7) #222

Oh, I LOVE it! Please mock it up in 3D and share the file if you should ever feel so inclined! I’d love to have one of these to face off with my comparably-scaled Gaalsien units!