Lego Ship Master Thread (Many Pictures!)

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It would have been clunky to put it here, so I’m just going to link this thread instead. It’s a narrative excuse for me to continue to photograph my Gaalsien craft in much the ironic/satirical way I did with the Heavy Rail Gun some time ago…

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Vaygr Assault Frigate complete, however, I won’t be doing much more LEGO for a month or so. Term’s ending soon and I have plenty of real life work to do. I’ll come back to it sometime this summer though. It is to scale with my Taiidan frigates too.

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Thank goodness! I was going through Lego Homeworld withdrawals. But phooey, if you’re going to be busy for a that long, I don’t know how I’ll get by. Someone will have to step up and make more stuff in the interim… preferably not just me!

EDIT: A second installment of the “Gaalsien in the Snow Story” is posted now. There’s nothing new to see as far as legos, but I wanted to plug it anyway.

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Awesome hotness from Damien Labrousse:

Vaygr Minelayer corvette

Vaygr Minelayer corvette

(doci7) #228

Wow, that’s serious!!! The Vaygr minelayer never looked so tasty!

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always good to see something new :smiley:

Work has kept me busy after hours of late, but here’s where I’m up to… struggling to overcome several challenges, namely fat fingers, gravity and typo’s during ordering (not enough or left instead of right…)

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I was anxious to find out where you were in your Assault Craft build! The rear body is certainly getting there. Sorry to hear about those left/right issues you’re having; ordering the wrong parts has got to be awfully frustrating when you have to wait on the pieces to come from all over the world!

(Kurtis Millette) #231

Some pretty renders courtesy of Loz:

Will be back into the building process sometime late april-early may. Gonna come back with a major release too.

(doci7) #232

That’s an exciting tease! Great job with the frigate; it’s wonderful to see it get Loz’ signature photo-realistic treatment!

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That is really cool. And very pretty, very nice render.

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The posts in this thread are running too thin. TOO THIN! I wish I had more to contribute, but slowly (and not necessarily well), I’m advancing the Lego Deserts of Kharak roster. Here are some new builds, in all their poorly ‘rendered’ glory:

I’m also experimenting with making a somewhat larger build of the Heavy Rail Gun. Reasons being, it’s really frustrating to me that the way I built it initially doesn’t really let you aim the gun on the level in an aesthetic manner… and that I doubt very much if I could do a respectable Assault Rail Gun at the existing scale. Heck, I still don’t know if I can do it even now…

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I need to apologise, I’m sure it appears as though i’ve been absent without reason… well here’s the reason! :smiley:
my wife got a bit cranky at me lol…

all seriousness though I had been slowly renovating the office/den/study/man cave (whatever you want to call it) and had been working on that slowly as I could afford… I had temporarily setup my desk in the lounge room, and have slowly been consuming more and more space… hence the wife asked me to redirect my focus on getting my {insert appropriate 4 letter word} out of the lounge room lol. So I’ve been full steam into finishing the room, closed off a doorway, light fixtures, painting, electrical, data cabling, flooring… all that’s done. Now I’m building a desk/work bench.

Once the desk is done, I get started on the best part, floor to ceiling display cabinets that will be a U shape around 2/3 of the room -which will house 95% lego and will be the long term home of my moc(s) when done.

The floor standing cabinets will be almost 1m deep, glass top and side similar to jewellery cabinets you see in shops for the big builds, like the millenium falcon. then up the walls will be these nice Ikea glass cabinets

I’m working away at it every weekend, drawing up plans for the desk right now… honestly though will probably get back to the build when the desk is finished, not the whole room :slight_smile:

Wish me luck!!! trying to do everything on as much of a budget as possible. so far $500. aiming for about $200 for the desk and bench. cabinets will cost though, the price is in the glass and I can’t DIY that :confused:

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Lol. I guess you don’t often hear about homemade glass. Well, we’ll be happy to see it all!

(Kurtis Millette) #237

I guess semi-related update, I built one of my frigates. Turns out it’s quite a bit bigger than expected.

Guinness for scale

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post:237, topic:608267”]
Guinness for scale

Lol, I feel like I the Frigate informs my perception of the scale of the Guinness more so than the other way around :smile:

Great build though! She’s a big frigate by HW standards. That is to say, I’ll bet it dwarfs your Taiidan Assault Frigate.

(Kurtis Millette) #239

Yeah she didn’t stay in one piece for too long lol

More random stuff thrown in to scale

(doci7) #240

Nice! The scale difference isn’t quite as drastic as I thought… it’s a heavy Frigate for sure, but not quite a Destroyer.

(Kurtis Millette) #241

Keep in mind the kudaark is the smallest of HWs frigates after all. Not counting kadeshi mbf of course. I’ll be interested to see how my eventual vaygr infiltrator stacks up being the largest.

(LozTheBear) #242

Hey guys… I’m back with a progress update :smiley:

Here’s the desk I built, first thing I moved in was the assault craft :slight_smile:

That was about a week and a half ago, and I did some more building over the weekend. a bit of trial and error and I’m able to hang the underside wing panels without any issues. now I need to go and order more parts as soon as I get paid to substitute the ones I used, and the ones I somehow forgot to order last time :confused:

Also I’ve gone and started a bricklink store
Honestly not much there yet, have a number of sets on the way that I’ll be parting out as soon as they arrive… 20% off for you guys :smiley: . I’ve probably missed a few things while setting up, if you notice anything let me know…