Lego Ship Master Thread (Many Pictures!)

(BitVenom) #243

That is one BEEFY ship - looks heavy enough to be a murder weapon in a nerd themed crime show…

(doci7) #244

Beautiful progress, and the desk looks great too! And I can only imagine how much work starting a bricklink store must have been. Seeing all those kit boxes, I can’t help wondering, do you get any enjoyment out of collecting minifigures?

(LozTheBear) #245

More star wars sets - I have 6x 55L storage tubs all full of lego sets, including the UCS star destroyer, millennium falcon, R2D2 and many others. all stored away for the day when I build the display cabinets, its been nearly 2 years since it was all packed up.

I did recently start collecting a few of the Marvel characters, and some of the LOTR characters. but I’m tempted to put them back in my shop to try and get those first few sales. right now I have 0 feedback as a seller so I’m sure many would be reluctant to buy from me. still on the fence though… I think some of them are really cool, but depending on how it goes over the next few weeks I may need to list them to entice people :slight_smile:

(LozTheBear) #246

@BitVenom its probably between 6-7KG by now, not much more and it’ll be as heavy as my kids :slight_smile:

(doci7) #247

I might have to buy something from you just to discourage your selling the characters. But lol, for the first time in a while, I’m not really at a point where I need more bricks, and Australia is just so far away…

(doci7) #248

Got a couple of new DoK builds on display over in my on-going silly story. You can see that I attribute my success to the efforts of @rolsen for his S’jet Baserunner, but I mention it again here as well!

If you don’t want to bother with the wall of text, here’s one good picture of the unit I’m most proud of (the one based on rolsen’s work):

(rolsen) #249

Really nice build! I love the Soban color scheme and the changes you made. Cheers!

(doci7) #250

I have been making things… really I have. Not as many as I should but there are a few builds y’all haven’t seen yet. So I decided to discount-render one. POVRAY still makes basically no sense to me…

(Sastrei) #251

Hiigaran Destroyer by Aaron Fiskum

Hiigaran Destroyer

(REARM V2) #252

That thing is the best Lego Homeworld that ever happened. Period.

(doci7) #253


Someone really needs to try this hard with HW1 ships!

(Psyence) #254

Thanks to Sastrei for posting this here. This Destroyer and the Hiigaran Battle Cruiser were my favorites in the franchise. This was a fun build to do.

(BitVenom) #255

Every member of the team that’s seen this has just been floored by your work. Really, really killer stuff.

@thisquietreverie said ‘It’s even got the extra decals I added that the original didn’t have. Nice detail.’ - And as this was his ‘baby’, that’s high praise…

(LozTheBear) #256


now that 24hrs has passed since I first saw that I think I have my voice back again…
this one just jumped straight to the top in my mind, alongside the two battlecruisers by @rolsen and Tim Schwalfenberg.

if I were ever to try and replicate someone else’s work, it’d be one of these three. I would love to see all three alongside one another :smiley:

(Psyence) #257

Bitvenom - Glad you and the team love it. My first inclination was to make the Battle Cruiser in a similar scale but of course it would’ve most likely spanned larger than my “build room” and probably bankrupt me in parts. The Cruiser has also been done before as mentioned. I’m going to take this model to Brickworld Chicago in June for show. I saw on Reddit that you’d like a replica. If you’re interested let’s chat.

(Hell_Diguner) #258

I was speachless for five minutes. Even the Hiigaran logo is real LEGO.

(LozTheBear) #259

Well guys, its done… Havent worked out how to do my own custom decals yet, and the patchy nature of some parts was that it was the backing colour for decals that are to match the original textures. I will get around to getting these done at some point, but pretty busy at the moment…

enough said, here it is :slight_smile:

(BitVenom) #260

You need to get this up on flickr, get some shots with a white sheet over that wood, and submit it to The Brothers Brick!

That is EXCELLENT! Hot damn!

(LozTheBear) #261

I’m actually on my way to the shops now to get some cardboard to setup a greenscreen :wink: think of these as some early shots for you guys :smiley:

(doci7) #262

It’s wonderful to see it finished! And O, how reassuring it must be to the Vaygr to have Batman in their corner!

Really though, that’s one epic achievement; I can’t imagine the effort that went into bringing a ship of this magnitude into being.