Lego Ship Master Thread (Many Pictures!)

(BitVenom) #263

Hit me up with some of those ‘green screen’ ready shots at the highest quality you can and I’ll make you some extra fancy show pics in-engine…

(LozTheBear) #264

This may take more work than I thought… the amount of green bouncing off the reflective bricks is crazy… time to learn photoshop I guess…

(LozTheBear) #265

green screen isn’t going to happen :frowning:
I had some trouble and had a chat to a mate who’s a professional photographer, turns out with how reflective the bricks are, I cant do it without a proper green screen and lighting set-up, which I just dont have…

I’ll get some shots on a white or black sheet in the next day or two :slight_smile:

(A Future Pilot) #266

Do you have the Ldraw or LDD model? Could that be converted to an in-engine model for shots?

(Drahkas) #267

You might not be able to reuse the bricks after this but…


(Kurtis Millette) #268

you have no idea the painstaking amount of time that goes into making a game-compatible model from ldd files… xD

Also hey everyone I’m back sorta. Been writing mostly but I’ve made progress on the taiidan frigate game models for brickspace. Also doing the same with my custom fleet. because i can. Made uh… Minor progress on a Vaygr missile frigate to go with my assault frigate. Will keep you all posted when they’re done. ^.^

(Hell_Diguner) #269

Can confirm, requires multiple painfully slow and tedious process to go from real life LEGO model to in-game model. Much worse than making a new “Homeworld-like” model from scratch, and nobody has quite perfected texturing them.

(REARM V2) #270

Worse than making a ship from scratch?

(Sastrei) #271

You rang? :slight_smile:

(BitVenom) #272

EXACTLY what I was about to note…:wink:

(doci7) #273

Agreed, sastrei has it down to a science!

(Kurtis Millette) #274

cough thought I should drop by to prove I’m not doing nothing with my time

I got back into writing at the start of summer instead of legos. oops. I’ve also been helping sastrei with the blender modelling part for my taiidan frigates to save some time, but don’t have screenshots of those on-hand. They’ll look sexier in-game anyway.

I also have a half-complete hiigaran destroyer but it is still… really rough. Plus there’s another one that looks more to scale and am looking into that one.

Also yes, the missile frig door comes off! But doesn’t connect to anything down the ship.

(doci7) #275

Looking great! I really like how you improvised the nose of the missile frigate. Those diagonal convergences are really tough unless just the right wedge piece is already out there. But you made it look easy!

(Kurtis Millette) #276

Apparently the front should be a bit more flat, but I took some liberties in that cause I’m not sure there’s the right pieces to make that happen. These ones were a bit more work than the taiidan ones so far. Infiltrator is a challenge.

I’m also thinking of participating in Shiptember but am not sure what I’d end up making. Possibly keep with the taiidan and do a scaled Carrier or Heavy Cruiser. Gonna need to get whatever leocad files you’ve managed to dust off lol

(doci7) #277

Refresh my knowledge of this… “Shiptember”. What are the rules? Does it have to be a space ship? I might possibly lose all sense of propriety and try to make a Gaalsien Carrier for the occasion if the regulations allow for it.

(Kurtis Millette) #278

I think it’s any “ship” be it a sand sailer or spaceship. Not sure tbh but I’d say the Gaalsien units would qualify being hovercrafts. That’d be so cool.

(rolsen) #279

For SHIPtember, generally your build does have to be a spaceship. It was a specific rule in the 2015 competition. Here’s the thread from last year’s where the rules are listed:

The thread for 2016 probably won’t be posted until mid to late July.

Hope you participate Kragle, it’s a lot of fun!

I’m planning to participate for my 4th time, but thinking I’ll do a different kind of ship than Homeworld this year.

(doci7) #280

Shoot, “space ship” did appear to be a pretty rigid regulation. I suppose I could lobby for the rule to be changed - perhaps take it directly to supreme court.

One thing that seemed kind of foggy in their rules is whether or not virtual building the thing ahead of time is admissible. I strongly assume it isn’t, but it didn’t seem to be explicit from what I saw. Perhaps I’ll bring that up in court as well, just for sake of clarity.

What did you have in mind for Round 4 @rolsen, if you wouldn’t mind elaborating?

(rolsen) #281

The main challenge is to do a really big build in only a month. Designing digitally is allowed, but any digital submissions are participation only and aren’t eligible for winning any of the categories. The reasoning being that part of the challenge should be building with real bricks and having to account for all of the structural challenges that come with building a large ship with physical bricks. Designing virtually ahead of time and the building with real bricks during the month isn’t strictly stated as against the rules, but I would say is probably against the spirit of the 1 month build.

As for my build, right now I’m leaning towards either designing my own ship out of my head, or building a ship from another sci-fi franchise. Part of me likes the idea of just winging it and building something from my head, but it can also be really fun and challenging to replicate a design into a LEGO medium.

I would like to do a ship with maybe some moving parts or features instead of being completely static. I did lights in my ship for last year, which was a pretty cool challenge. Not sure if I’ll try to do lights again or not. They add a lot, but are a pain unless you think about how to incorporate them from the beginning, which I didn’t do all that great of job with on the Hiigaran battlecruiser.

Overall, I just like seeing cool builds. I know a gunship/aircraft build won something last year, which isn’t strictly space. I wouldn’t complain if you did a really awesome Deserts of Karak build. Cheers!

(Kurtis Millette) #282

Update Dump

First, Vaygr. It’s long overdue but I have finished the Infiltrator Frigate :smiley:

Compared to the others

And a family shot

Second, Taiidan. I’ve been working on finishing the corvettes with a Repair ship done. Modified the other two as there was a minor parts update, most notably the MGC’s guns now turn, but look less like the original ones do; not sure which I prefer.

Next steps are to finish the rest of the Tai corvettes and then move onto the Vaygr corvettes. Those ones, being larger than most, I may make scaled with the frigates rather than with the other corvettes, but I’m undecided as of now on that. Anyway, Enjoy!

[MOD] BrickSpace Meta Edition - Update 05/07 - New Taiidan in-game ships!