Lego Ship Master Thread (Many Pictures!)

(Sastrei) #283

Your work continues to amaze! Wicked awesome job on this newest batch of ships!

(doci7) #284

I said it on facebook and I’ll say it here… these new ships are fantastic! And congratulations for finishing another Frigate family!

With the multigun, I suggest trying putting screwdrivers in the gun pegs, like you have on the repair corvette’s antennae. They don’t look too bad right now though.

(Kurtis Millette) #285

Have been making some more ships that appear in my book. They’re part of the Monarch Line from Xinthar Royal Yards, primarily in service of the Armolegian Kingdom’s navy. This is a long explanatory post with many details, so enjoy.

They are entirely energy weapon based, and the corvettes and frigates have energy shields. I define Corvette the way it is intended to mean rather than the way homeworld uses it. Corvettes are more akin to light-frigates whereas the HW1 corvettes are what we actually call Gunships or heavy strike craft. They got it closer to right for HW2 at least. I’m classifying corvettes and frigates as Artillery Ships. So the classification system I’m using is as follows: Strike Craft < Artillery Ships < Capital Ships.

Weapon types include laser cannons, plasma bomb launchers, ion lances, ion cannons, and compound lances. The ion cannons would be equivalent to homeworld ion cannons in terms of weapon principles but do less damage, whereas the smaller ion lances are more akin to a pulsar gunship (which I assume use the same base principle but have a much shorter fire time not to overheat the system).

I also have new ship classes, Ferryships whose purpose is to act as freighters between vessels. The rings on the sides are docking hard points. They can also act as escape barges should a ship be in critical condition and one be near enough to get there in time. I also have shuttles which act as ship-to-ship single pilot transports. They’re the only ships not to scale as LEGO won’t allow it, so it looks to be 12m but is actually more like 8m.

I’ll format it like this: Ship Name length (armaments)

Strike Craft
TOP: Lanceship 35m (1 ion lance), Heavy Bomber 35m (3 plasma bombs), Gunship 35m (2 laser cannons, 1 plasma bomb), Ferryship 30m (unarmed)
BOT: Bomber 17m (1 plasma bomb), Interceptor* 17m (2 lasers), Scout** 14m (unarmed), Shuttle 8m (unarmed)
*weapons can’t be seen cause no parts fit in LDD properly
**the front slopes on the scout should be flush but LDD doesn’t do it

Heavy Lance Corvette 95m (1 compound lance), Lance Corvette 73m (3 ion lances), Attack Corvette 70m (4x2 laser cannons, 2 plasma bombs)

Support Frigate 165m (6x2 laser cannons, 2 ion cannons), Assault Frigate 162m (6x2 laser cannons, 4x4 plasma bomb arrays, 6 ion lances, 2 ion cannons)

Support Frigate with ships docked. The mid-section docks can either hold 2 fighter class or 1 gunship class. Two gunships can dock on the underside as well.

And here we can see inside the shuttle bay, capacity is 4 for frigates but due to reasons above only 2 fit.

More to come! I have a Lance Frigate in the works which will be equivalent to homeworld Ion Frigates in terms of purpose and damage output. Then the Destroyer and possibly a light carrier.

(Kurtis Millette) #286

small addendum

The Reconnaissance Corvette is the smallest of the Monarch line capable of FTL and has a special hull plating that has temporary cloaking abilities. Because of this these are tasked with jumping to suspected enemy rally points under cloak and reporting back with what they find before the enemy knows they arrived. There is also a non-combat variant that acts as a freighter without the cloaking hull to reduce cost.

The compound lance on the Lance Frigate is capable of piercing enemy capital-class shields and delivering a bolt of plasma through the opening. They’re equivalent in purpose to the Homeworld ion frigates.

Reconnaissance Corvette 65m (unarmed)

Lance Frigate 150m (1 compound lance)

(Kurtis Millette) #287

I decided to spend all of last night redoing the strike craft to scale them with my frigates. Still have to do the taiidan corvettes and fix the kushan repair vette a little, but so far I’m happy with the result.

(Kurtis Millette) #288

Ohshitguys, new lego building software brought to us by Bricklink. It can import .ldraw and .lxf files! be warned though, some colours aren’t transferred over so the irregular colours may need to be repainted. There’s also a render tool in-app. I’m so pumped to try this thing out further but I’ve got exams until the 17th and an essay to finish, not likely to have time to do so for a week or two. Have at 'er.

(LozTheBear) #289

Yeah - - I’ve been part of the closed beta, very promising and I have no doubt any missing colours/parts will be added in time. idea is that it integrates with the bricklink part and colour database, so you can build with whatever is available. Then order or build wanted lists instantly without having to stuff around creating a wanted list from what you have in LDD.

Keep in mind Lego officially stopped providing support for LDD some time ago. MLCAD may still be great, but its allot more complex than LDD and not something your every day joe will pickup. on the other hand, just as easy to use as LDD.

re renders, it actually uses POV-Ray which is what I used to do all of mine. difference is you do it all in app, rather than LDD to create, something else to convert, then muck around with settings, then render…

Think of it like LDD, with easy rendering, and full integration with BrickLink. massive win for BL I think and a great idea on their part.

(Kurtis Millette) #290

I’m glad the beta’s open to the public now, cause I’ve been hoping something new would come out because of Lego’s continuing threats of discontinuing their own program. This so far is better. Dark theme, less of a CAD program than Leo and has a rough ‘order’ setting. I’m pumped but alas, no time to mess around in it yet. When I do I guess I can put my frigates in my album, and what, others can order it from there? I’ll have to actually use it for a bit to know more.

(LozTheBear) #291

if you have it as public people can view the 3D model, view a step-by-step build (if you created it), download a copy, and best of all one-click add the part list to a wanted list.

in time it will change things allot for store owners and creators alike. hopefully making designing and buying allot more accessible to the general person, not just nerdy afol’s like myself :slight_smile:

(Kurtis Millette) #292

Perfect. I’m kinda over the whole linking to my Google Drive for ppl to access and manually making a spreadsheet part list. LDD made a PDF instructions file but it was mediocre. This has me very excited. Does it at all export to a .obj file too? If it did that would be the ultimate tool for our lego mod.

(Sastrei) #293

Mecabricks can export to blender. I believe there is some inter compatibility between the two.

(LozTheBear) #294

you are correct good sir… trawl their forums a bit and you come across some amazing rendering work. thats what I started looking at before I got distracted by some other side-projects :slight_smile:

(doci7) #295

Dang… this could be great… ESPECIALLY if there is an obj exporter! Thing is, leocad has it, but it doesn’t render the bricks quite right… they have no gaps between the pieces, so it doesn’t render with any separation. If there’s a way to do it where you can see separation between bricks now, that will be huge for me.

(Sastrei) #296

The blender export from mecabricks uses some shader chicanery to get the separation you are talking about, I believe.

(Kurtis Millette) #297

Some new renders courtesy of Stud.IO’s built-in tool, as well as a link to my Baseplate where they can be viewed in 3D. The TDN Field Frig needs work before it will allow me to upload it however. If you click on the Add to Wanted List it’ll generate a part list that you can use to buy the actual pieces in the BrickLink store, provided you have an account there.

(Kurtis Millette) #298

Biggest Corvette vs Smallest Frigate

On its own

(doci7) #299

Man, the baseplate feature is totally awesome. I got a serious kick out of seeing your builds in 3D like that!

(Kurtis Millette) #300

It’s great, I still prefer actual building in LDD to but I am trying to convert everything into that so i can post them. It’s in beta, I’ll give it time. But for now I prefer LDD to build.

(Kurtis Millette) #301

Some Gaalsien ships rendered out in for your enjoyment. Honorguard, Siege Cruiser, and Baserunner are Doci7’s. And as I have an obsession with it, they’re scaled correctly to my other HW ships.

They can be found on my Baseplate to view in 3d and a parts list.

*update for 2 more renders

(Megarith) #302

*_* they’re beautiful