Lego Ship Master Thread (Many Pictures!)

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Not much dirt around here at the moment, ironically; I’ll try to keep that in mind for a few months from now :smile:


Let me know how you like and support :wink:


Here is one more :smiley: Don’t forget to support :wink:

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I love it, however LEGO ideas is hard to get anything approved. Though there is the option of putting the model up on Baseplate too to get the word around.

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Really really awesome work; you captured them both magnificently!!!

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There, I shared this one on the Homeworld 3 facebook group. You should see a modest jump in support for it soon :wink:

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Trimming costs on the Vaygr frigates. The models I’ve decided are in ‘completed’ status, as in they include building steps and all made of buyable pieces, can be found here. This is where I’ll list them. But of course, updates can be expected here too.

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Extremely digging the way you can use to set up easy renders in POV-RAY that actually work!!! Practically everything I set up in POV through L-Draw had fatal errors; now I can render the crap out of crap:

You might notice I overhauled my LAV model again :sweat_smile:

I also cooked up a fan model; might as well share it as it is; I don’t have many clear ideas about how to improve it at the moment:

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It is still my headcanon that the Manaan and the Gaalsi traded a lot of tech though, both being desert dwellers and sharing a similar disdain for one of the main coalition allies (the Siidim destroyed Ferin Sha after all), so I would like to think of their ‘fleet composition’ if any would be a mix of both wheeled and hovering units. but really digging the green at any rate.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #372

I like this term.

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Your headcanon interests me! I had tended to think that the centuries had softened Ferin Sha in much the same way that the other members of the Coalition began to trust the Siidim at least a bit… trusted them enough to allow them to create quite the Kiith militia anyway. Bitter interstate bad blood has that odd way of vanishing practically overnight sometimes (Europe has a lot of good examples of it), though I admit HW is not an environment known for fast-dissolving bad blood at all :sweat_smile: (considering the Taiidan’s extremely fast and aggressive enforcement of their millennia-old treaty, the lasting Siidim contempt for the Gaalsien, so forth).

As the LAV is a Manaani design I had imagined them being a wheel-heavy faction (as opposed to treads), and you can probably notice some substantial LAV influence on the Baserunner design here. I would have never really thought of them having Gaalsi technological influence, though Manaani would likely have more contact with Gaalsien than any other Northern Kiith and probably had to establish some level of friendly relation with them, at least prior to the whole space exploration debacle. I have to admit to being quite drawn to the idea of some amount of goodwill between Manaan and Gaalsi, partially because they are such opposites that it would make for a tasty irony, and probably even more-so because they are my favorite Kiithid. DoK made me realize how Gaalsien are the best, but prior to that Manaani were my favorite due to Cataclysm. Like, if the Assault Cruiser were not such a horrible bit of heresy, I think it would be cool for a Manaani fleet pack to have their own variant of the Assault Cruiser. The problem with that is I can’t accept the other Coa factions having the Assault Cruiser they currently have, and making a Manaan variant would actually sort of work against the idea of their greater understanding of Gaalsi tech described here, because their version would look distinct while everybody else’s would look EXACTLY like a Gaalsien ship. So really one would need to redesign the base Assault Cruiser to actually appear like a Coa unit before one could even consider making a Manaani Assault Cruiser, IMO.

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Also if anyone has any ideas about special abilities for a new Baserunner, I’d be interested to hear them. I made the thing not having any neat ability ideas to go with, unfortunately. I find it extremely fun to imagine fleet packs for many Kiith (particularly Manaan and Siidim and Paktu), but lack the strategic imagination to really come up with any good hypothetical execution of that idea.

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I’m still alive! I’ve been heavily into making Star Wars models as of late. Here’s a bit of eye candy on that. Also, because I have an obsessive bent on making things scaled properly, all of these are to scale with the UCS 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer set. Not my HW ships, because eh… SW ships are JUST A BIT larger than HW ships… heh.

I feel like this Victory I Star Destroyer is the largest set I’ve ever done that didn’t include an instructions book. I actually just scrolled on through this entire thread to see the progress made on mine and everyone else’s WIPs. Homeworld was basically MADE for Lego imo. Almost as much as Star Wars was. I mean, just look at how many SW sets lego puts out every year. Huge merchandising profits involved. But anyway, I digress:

Victory I Star Destroyer WIP

Arquitens Command Cruiser

Hammerhead Corvette

Blockade Runners

I also made a few of other people’s models to add to my growing micro fleet.

Nebulon-B Frigates

Homeworld models will resume once my VSD is built and shamelessly shown off. I have really cool ideas for a Coalition Carrier with a bunch of remote control functionality.

(doci7) #376

Oh man, the VSD came out awesome… a real victory :sweat_smile:! That Cruiser is terrific too; I’m not familiar with it, but the quality of the build cannot be overlooked, and I like the Republic-era influence in the engine department. Really digging the Hammerhead too; man, I’d ordering parts like mad for the Nebulon-B and some assorted vettes right now if I hadn’t only very recently dropped plenty of cash to get many of the same things in the form of Star Wars Armada miniatures… lol, that’s how it goes.

I had badly wanted to make a Lego Rebel pilots video; if I ever follow through with it I hope you’ll let me use some of these builds, it would really advance my cause, though I also most desperately need an Interdictor Cruiser :smile:

To that end, in an abbreviated quest for light Imperial Capital ships, I made this one from Rogue Squadron 3:

(While we’re sharing SW builds). I might’ve posted about it here before, but certainly not with nice kool renders like this… the joys of stud-io strike again!

(Kurtis Millette) #377

Finished making all my frigates into buyable sets with building steps. The Infiltrator took forever to make stable enough.

Taiidan Frigates:
Vaygr Frigates:

Also here’s a ton of renders of them, just because.

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #378

I’m finishing up some of my own creations. So far, I remastered the Turanic Raider strike craft.

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #379

The Missile Corvette comes with four flick missiles that have been re-engineered with a spring launcher for each missile.

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #380

Turanic Raider Strikecraft

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #381

I like the corvettes. I think the proportions are a bit off on the interceptor. @sastrei got it closer here:

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #382

My models were based off of the remastered ships.