Lego Ship Master Thread (Many Pictures!)

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #383

Really? I’m pretty sure the proportions of the bandit didn’t change for HWRM…?

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(Taiidan Republic Mod) #385

Sorry, was that your model not sastrei’s? I just went with the author of the video and didn’t do my research properly…

(Kurtis Millette) #386

It’s fine xD I just saw my little chibis come back up. I made corvettes too. I’ll post em when I wake up.

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #387

What do you think of them DarthSoban?

(doci7) #388

also cough

I had my stake in those Turanic ships too; t’was not in remastered colors when’st I did it though:


Herobrine, your Turanics really turned out too! I personally favor shape accuracy over functional elements, but as it is a MISSILE Corvette it is rather fitting that it be armed with flick-fire missiles :smile:. Kudos for making the standard vette too… I never did attempt that myself…

(Kurtis Millette) #389

As someone into making minis, having functional bits is pretty neat. Harder to make work the smaller the ship is.

Actually I just meant the ones in the video. I used the RM colour scheme for them instead of the neon green, which personally I wasn’t a fan of.

I would kill for some minifig scale models of some of the HW strike / corvettes. Maybe a new endeavour to take up? hmm…

(doci7) #390

I guess the main reason I’ve never especially coveted minifig-scale HW ships is that I have no HW minifigs to go with them :sweat_smile:. But on that subject, minifig K’Had Sajuuk, Khagaan, Captain Mashad and Rachel S’Jet would be on my short list of custom figs to make if it were in my power to do so; and I will here remark what a shame it is that we don’t know what Group Captain Elson or the Kadesh Ambassador look like.

(Kurtis Millette) #391

For fiction writing purposes since I had Elson as a POV character in book 3 of my crap fanfic I basically saw him as Peter Elson himself in appearance.

As for the Kadesh i kinda just visualize them as all albinos or gingers because they would develop pigmentation deficiencies living in just space.

(doci7) #392

Well, the face stuff is certainly well and good, but I’m typically more preoccupied with wondering what ever do they wear? The Coalition and Gaalsien and Siidim all seemed to have great reserves of good fashion sense, which only furthers my curiousity about what Taiidan and Kadeshi would wear.

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #393

I’m working on Capital Ships now.



As part of the run-up to SHIPtember, I decided to do a whole Manaan fleet. currently have the smallcraft done, with a Scout, Interceptor and bomber, two corvettes and a resource collector.

you can probably tell that the linage of these calls back to other things in this thread, like darthsoban’s stuff

(this is also my first post here. this thread is basically the reason I have this account)

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #395

Nice! What are the classes? Are the biggest ones frigates?


Corvettes, actually. I’m planning to build the frigate chassis today based on the very nice Kushani support frigate earlier in the thread, though I already have some major modifications in mind. I’m planning on doing a whole fleet lineup, including all capital ships and a mothership-class Command Carrier, the latter being my SHIPtember project.

honestly the arms on the resource collector were my favorate thing to build so far- I’m going for a kind of ‘somewhere between Cata and HW2’ look with things. making functional articulation that looks good in such a small space is always a fun challenge- I may actually whip up some variants of the MG vette’s turrets, I really want to have barrel elevation on the thing but doing so in a way that doesn’t look like crap and completely negate the look of that nice turret body is very difficult.


Speaking of:

“Capital Ship Chassis research complete.”


First Manaani frigate is now done.

Presenting the Fireblade-class Ion Array Frigate: for when Kiith Manaan really wants to reach out and touch someone.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #399

Looking good! Speedy work too!


Funny story: I now have the Assault Frigate done and ready to show off, but I’m out of free renders :slight_smile:

Next up: the Support Ship. that one’s gonna be all asymmetrical and fun, since it has a module slot and a plethora of salvage arms. It’ll be a number of firsts- first ship with a resource drop-off, first ship with modules, first ship that has production (one of the module options) and first unarmed-by-default ship that isn’t a probe (I whipped up one of those too)


So, couple of in-progress shots of the Support Frigate:

Just an overview. all that SNOT on the side there XD
this is a very SNOT-heavy build, something like a third of the hull is going on that empty SNOT around the module slot.

this is just the biggest of the various cranes and robot arms that are going to be on this side.
one feature I like to keep in mind with my builds in not just making them look good, but having them have stuff you can play with too. that crane, for example, is nicely articulated and attached to a 2x2 rotator plate, so you can pose it handily in real brick.

some greebling in the ‘exposed’ areas of the module slot- this is to make it look a bit more interesting when there isn’t a module in there.


Some renders:

First the Ion frig with its panels extended, so you can see it better…


next, the OTHER frigate:

Manaani Sandstorm-class Assault Frigate

this one’s obviously taking a bunch of ques from the Kushan assault frig, much like the Ion frigate is a sort of ‘Kushanized’ version of the iconic Assassin-class.

there’s quite a bit of detailing on this build- just things like that ‘V’-shaped stripe on the top there and of course the signature ‘random antennas here and there’ that appears on so many HW ships.