Lemmy Kilmister has passed away

Ladies and gentleman. Today, December 28th 2015, we can confirm the sad news. Lemmy is dead, long life Lemmy.




RIP, Ian Fraser, to his parents.
Lemmy Kilmister to the rest of us.

70 is way too young… Rest in peace, brother. Lemmy was a legend and one of the most influential vocalists to Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. We’ll all miss you.

This doesn’t even feel real yet… /:

I first heard then when I was a kid. ‘1916’ is in my car CD slot. No other band has stood the test of time like this lot.

My brother and I went drinking with them one time in the 80’s, apparently. I have no recollection of this.

I was probably doing that right.

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This is really sad news. I think I have “Lemmy” on my DVR. Probably should go ahead and watch it in tribute.

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I’m so bummed about this. Motörhead is probably my favorite band and Lemmy was a personal hero to me. I’ve been listening to his music for over 15 years now and I never stopped loving it. Their last album, released just four months ago, is absolutely great. It’s amazing how much energy it has when you think about all the stuff he was going through this past year. There’s a cover to Sympathy for the Devil in it. Lemmy adds so much honesty and weight to that song. It really had kind of an epitaph vibe to it and it feels like a goodbye now. I guess he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Rest in Peace, Lemmy. You were a true badass, an inspiration and a wonderful human being who always spoke the truth. You had no time for bulls**t. Bottom’s up and thanks for all the rock and roll. You did it like no one else.


Something that occurs to me. Seen lots of post about Lemmy Kilmeister over the last few days, but I’ve not seen anything about he died. Hell, I haven’t even tried looking, because for once, I think everyone assumes the cause of death is “Being Lemmy ■■■■■■■ Kilmeister”.

It was only a matter of time, really. He was having health issues for quite some time now. Basically, his whole body was starting to fail. He had heart and stomach problems and diabetes. He had to cut a few concerts short and couldn’t even get on stage on a couple of them. He lost a lot of weight, wasn’t moving much and there was the sad moment in a recent concert when he got confused and started singing the words to Ace of Spades while playing Overkill. According to the official note about his passing, he found out on the 26th that he had cancer too. They said it was “very aggressive” and three days later, he was dead. So yeah, you could say that the cause of death was “being Lemmy for too long”. But officially, it was cancer on a man whose body was already very frail.

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This is what happened to the only chance I ever had to see them live :frowning:

I was lucky enough to see them live back in 2007. It was the only Motörhead concert I ever attended and it was amazing. They were part of the line-up on the Monsters of Rock festival here in Brazil earlier this year. I wanted to go just to see them again, but it didn’t work out. Turns out Lemmy wasn’t able to go on stage that night and the rest of the band ended up doing a jam session with members of the other bands. In the end, I’m glad I didn’t go. I don’t want my last memory of seeing Motörhead live to be tainted by the disappointment and sadness of seeing Lemmy perform in pain. I rather have that single great concert I went to almost 10 years ago as my only memory of seeing the band live.

Right in the metal feels

As an old Punk Rocker I’l miss Lemmy as he was not only a great in the Heavy Metal world but he also had a love for Punk (he actually played with the Damned on ocassions!) so RIP Lemmy, you’ll be missed by us all.

I remember reading once that Motörhead played shows with punk bands quite a bit since they played a lot faster than most other metal bands at the time.

Motörhead wasn’t exactly a heavy metal band. It also wasn’t exactly a punk band. However, it could be related and accepted by both genres. Motörhead was beyond all of that, in my opinion. Lemmy was also in a rockabilly band called The Head Cat, playing covers of classic rock/country/blues songs from the 50’s and 60’s. Lemmy was alive and involved with music before rock and roll even existed. He saw the Beatles at the Cavern Club before they had recorded an album. He was a roadie to Jimi Hendrix. He was respected and accepted by metalheads, punks, southern rockers, hair metal bands, greasers, bikers… You name it. Lemmy was the personification of rock and roll, was there to witness all of it and was a part of all of it. As he himself used to say at the beginning of all of their concerts: “We are Motörhead and we play rock and roll”. And that was it, really.

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Already did my part there earlier today. The number of signatures is rising pretty fast. Hopefully it will happen.

Also, Lemmy’s memorial service will be broadcast live through Motörhead’s official YouTube channel this saturday (01/09/16): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbPCDmtTU-W4SdA8abZtWpA

Yeah, definitely we’ll see lemmium in the future. Depends what the IUPAC says though xD

I dunno if 30mz is a reliable source, but cheeez… he was quite thrashed D:

Yeah he supposedly suffered a haematoma at one point and had one of those implanted defibrillators on his heart. Dude was falling apart towards the end but he kept pushing through.

If I’m not mistaken, the cause was actually brain cancer. That’s why there was nothing that could be done about it. According to the band’s manager, he had “stuff all over his brain and his neck” and the doctors gave him only two to six months to live. He died just a few days later. That’s from an article from Rolling Stone: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/lemmys-last-days-how-metal-legend-celebrated-70th-stared-down-cancer-20151229?page=3. I suppose it is possible that he had other forms of cancer on his body and that’s why it was so bad, but I took that quote on the article to mean that he had brain cancer. I could be wrong, though.

That one is true. He also had diabetes and gastrointestinal problems. He wasn’t doing interviews or soundchecks anymore, but he still played the shows and recorded a great final album even though he must’ve been in a great deal of pain and fatigue.