Length of IB's Target Softening Debuff?

What’s the length of the 15% debuff and rules to think about.

Will it stack with an It’s Piss Grenade Debuff ??

I mean…soften…jump from IB…throw It’s piss and you could have some interesting synergies with an anoint and One for the Road…

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I don’t know how long target softening last.

It will help the it’s piss, they’re seperate multipliers so you’ll get a multiplicative interaction between their damage bonuses.


As far as I’m aware all debuffs stack with each other but the only one that stacks on it’s self is the execute pistol, which may be a good weapon to try to work into the combo because it last for 12 seconds which the longest lasting to my knowledge unless softening last longer.

So…in effect…a multiplicative debuff??

What would be the percentage of total debuff given softening is 15% and would be applied first…then an It’s Piss which is 20% for 6 seconds.

Or am I confusing debuff to damage applied

I am liking this idea assuming I could get an execute empty reload off in decent time.

Another It’s Piss grenade could be used.

Kind of all depends on How long target softening lasts…


The two combined will give 1.15 x 1.2 = 1.38

Or in words a 38% damage buff.

Stacking debuffs is tricky I’ve been trying with Amara, what I think is special about the pistol is if you throw down for a straight 12 seconds and the start stacking other debuffs on top it feels like slag, but entering IB makes it tricky.
Even if you jump during your chuck, enter IB during same jump, fire your softening shot, exit bear, throw piss I feel like you’ll already be six seconds into the execute debuff atleast. So my suggestion may only be good for one shot combo with all three, if softening last atleast several seconds and out of IB.

I was thinking about this last night as I found an It’s Piss with 25% damage in grenade throw. Haven’t used it yet. In fact, forgot I’d bagged it.

Too bad Target Softening doesn’t stack together. I can see how that would be pretty powerful but you are giving up both of Bears hardpoints and nearly all of its damage. Seems we could at least get a diminished return in the stack? …oh well.

Anyways, to the topic: one of my moderator friends on the BL FB forums tested and reported that Target Softening lasts 8 seconds.


Great info!

That actually will work…

In, shoot one volley of Rockets and out of IB…

Debuff starts…within 2 seconds I should be able to hit target with an It’s Piss

After Exit of IB anoint kicks in with +160% Splash Damage for 18 seconds

It’s Piss Anoint kicks in of "on Grenade Throw get an extra 25% damage on Grenades, Weapon Damage and Action skills for 6 seconds.

6 Seconds not reloading will give some small splash buff on the Blaster Com

during those 6 seconds I am doing

+38% Weapon Damage (it’s Piss and Target Softening)
+25 Grenade Damage on It’s Piss initial hit
+25 Weapon Damage from It’s Piss anoint
+160 Splash Damage from Kybs Worth Anoint
Small Splash Bonus from the Blast Master

That is a pretty good “burst DPS”
Not to mention the benefits I am getting on Moze from all the splash…

Some of this might even be multiplicative and if I match element to weakness…even better. And heck…If I added a shield with an additional elemental damage boost on exit or ASE…even MORE fun!

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So I take it nobody knows the duration of target softening? I been searching for an answer to this myself.

Right here

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Awesome thanks. I guess I missed that when I skimmed. Does anyone know if Auto Bear continues to provide target softening once out of IB? If that is the case that would greatly increase the value of AB I think.

It does but the AI on the missles is super bad. It shoots one shot then waits to reload.

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That’s unfortunate. I guess I never paid that close attention to it when I jump out because I’m usually trying not to die. I have seen it sitting there not doing anything at times which was odd…I thought it was bugged or something.

A lot of IB weapons are awful when Auto Bear is using them.

Here’s an explanation

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That’s good to know thanks. After reading that I immediately start wondering if that behavior is enough to alter what IB weapons to use? I mean target softening is nice I guess but if it only lasts 8 seconds and you can’t rely on AB to keep the buff up…is target softening really worth it? If I have to rely on doing it myself I can only hit a couple targets before I need to jump out and try to take advantage of the buff or it will start wearing off too soon. So I’m forced to jump out early for a limited benefit and that also means a prolonged AB time with a subpar weapon.

Conversely, if I pick the miniguns it may not be the optimal weapon but it maximizes AB time by having the best weapon for AB. Anyone figured any of this out already? lol.

Some will argue to use it. Personally, I find the advantage of using it in the time frame you can benefit from it isn’t worth it.

The amount of damage dual rocket pods can do will exceed the amount of bonus damage a single target softening + rocket pod can do. And dual target softening is pretty lame all around.

But anyway, the amount of time it takes to hop in, fire a softening burst, hop out and shoot the enemy for the remaining 5 maybe 6 seconds… It really only works for people that want to literally jump in and out of IB constantly to get the slight boost. You waste a lot of time in animation you could’ve spent dealing damage.

There comes a point when controlling IB that the miniguns dps out performs the rocket pods. The rocket pods initial burst is very high, but the reload totally ruins them. The miniguns are the best for sustained dps, and the best for autobear. Especially if you use the 160 splash boost anointment.

Some might argue for sabot rounds. They’re fine and work with Auto Bear.

Yes, absolutely. If you want to make use of Auto Bear, it’s extremely important to know that a lot of weapons are totally useless.


My total problem with IB right now is:

For an Action Skill…a crem de la crem ability…

The BEST thing you can do is simply jump into IB and exit immediately…and even that is not smooth at all and clunky as hell.

Yup…you heard me right…best thing to do with IB is simply NOT use her as designed.

I real head scratcher that one.

I wonder what genius figured that this type of use of her was actually fun?

Eh, i used to do that for the ASE bonii… However, after messing with my build and gear, I’ve begun actually using Iron Bear as intended. If you can get around 100k health, and jump-dodge a lot, you can do fine against most targets.

Half the time I use it to soften up crowds, strip armor and shields from safety. Then hop out, toss a grenade, and start blasting away.

The jumping in and out nonsense is just…better for pretty much all different playstyles…

The value/curse of anoints in this game.

but you are right…with the right spec…IB can at least be an “option”…

Certainly not the “best” option…but at least something different from the clunky, sloooooow, mindless, nonsensical jumping in and out BS…

BTW…have I told you how much I don’t like jumping in and out of IB??

Well…if you’ve got a minute… :grinning: