Less and less time playing (Opinion)

At the time of writing this I have about 145 hours in Borderlands 3.
Borderlands 3, even with the 4 DLCs out now just doesn’t feel like a game I want to keep playing. Legendaries are handed out like candy on Halloween in a rich neighbourhood. And when they do drop my eyes go to the anointment first, if its not “useful” I just move on.
The skill trees are lackluster with 1 or 2 builds, per VH, viable at most in Mayhem 10 (aside from game breaking “glitches” like the Nova FL4K build).
The first Takedown, imo, was 100x better than the second one. It was more of a “dungeon” style. Clear mobs, fight mini boss, fight boss, clear mobs, fight boss. The Guardian Breach was just…time consuming and felt like a boring Destiny strike, the first boss was cool though and brought back Al’Akir memories from WoW so that was nice.

The most fun I had in BL3 in a while was when my friend and I were drinking and yelling along with Mr. Torgue in the Slaughter Shaft.