Less common Moze quotes?

Tend to hear the same ones over and over but today I was messing around in a Trial and after shooting a guy Moze sort of laughed and said “What a friggin mess!”. Not sure if I just never picked up on that one before or if that’s the first time I’ve heard her say that. Any other sayings that are less common than the standard Check out that body count or Rackin’ em up?

I don’t tend to listen to what the characters say much (so focused on the combat itself) but the other day I was amused when she encountered a badass and said, “Let’s see who’s got the badder ass.”

“Score one for Iron Bear?”

To Amara “I really love your arms…I mean, nice war we’re having…“

Being from germany I don’t exactly know if she says the following in english the same way but anyways:

“zerfetze sie, Bärchen!”

Which means as much as

“tear them up, little bear!”

Similar to Battleborn they have a large number of phrases some are conditional. Conditions seems to be less varied in Borderlands seeing as it’s a PVE not PVP.

The main triggers iv noticed seem to be shout for killing sprees. A number of others I have noticed are assists by a partner where they got the kill, assits where you got the kill, killing a badass enemy, killing an enemy with your action skill, killing an enemy with a grenade or explosion.

Some phrases definitely seem to be more obscure then others. For example when playing Moze with Amara as my partner on occasion I will hear a phrase thanking Amara for a Phasegrasp assist. Another obscure one is Moze making a comment on how “strong :heart_eyes:” Amara is while day dreaming them backpedaling when she realizes she said it out loud.

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I went back and watched the video i saved and think maybe it was a killing spree that triggered the line, interesting.

I’ve also heard Moze say something to the effect of “Yeah Amara crushing/ killing it!” when playing co-op.