Less interactive dialog in this game T.T

the last game (pre-squeal) had a ton of dialog qued to each hunter so each NPC would say different things to each hunter (for instance, janey flirting with athena) you just didn’t get that in this game. while each vault hunter has a ton of dialog all the NPCs say the same things regardless of who you play.

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That was one of the fun little things about TPS. I also liked the little new bits of dialogue from Brick, Tina, etc. on the second play through.

This kind of stuff missing (or the decision to not add it) is what bugs me, way more than any bug.

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yeah there was a huge chance for alot of fun with zane (because maya/zero killed his brothers and he is a native to pandora) and amara interacting with the other sirens would have been nice too.

Sadly I think that good idea died with 2K Australia. I noticed that character unique dialog was gone in Claptastic Voyage. If I remember correctly, Gearbox was the one that had to finish that DLC.

I miss the banter between vault hunters (when playing co-op) that TPS had. Wilhem and Nisha seemed to always compare kills. Lol

I think so. I also know a lot of extra lines would have cost a lot more time and money.

Still hell of a lot more than we got in Borderlands 2.