Less is more, is pure mode possible?

for the love of god i don even know what would make me play this game but my question is different?

is it technically possible to code a game mode within bl3 where there is no annoints no modifiers

just pure game and characters with say enemy scaling of X3 or X4 from base TVHM values


Get an Unreal license then license BL3’s code from GBX/2K then rip out the stuff you don’t want. You’ll probably have a crap ton of stability issues because some of the systems you ripped out are likely core to the game. But who cares because anointments are gone!

GLHF but don’t send me your modified version because you can’t pay me enough to be a beta tester for your boring game. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

ah no definitely having a drone out to gain extra set of pallets and 100% damage is very imaginative way of making a game not boring. it adds so much to the game that my brain explodes with endless possibilities. not.

I miss the time when we only care about parts and prefixes. :sleepy: