Less loot once you activate 75th lvl of Hunter

Ok first sorry if this has already been posted and I am late to the party…

I recently (finally) got to lvl 75 in the hunter tree. I had competed the other two (enforcer and survivor) early. However, I have found that once I achieved the higher tier of loot after kill Graveward stopped dropping as many legendaries.

On Kill before I got to lvl 75 I was getting 3-5 each run on average… sometimes more and sometimes none. But on average I was doing well. Anointed here and there not guaranteed by any measure.

That being said after getting to lvl 75 on hunter I am getting 1 to 2 constantly but never more than that from killing Graveward.

Has anyone else seen this or is this just a fluke and my drinking making it more of an issue to me.

I should add this is Mayhem 4.

Thanks in advance for anyone who responds!

I personally felt like I got more legendaries from places like the Slaughter Shaft after I got that Guardian Rank. That said, it was back before M4 was a thing. In theory it shouldn’t affect Graveward unless you take long enough to kill him that you have to deal with adds.

I would guess it is just RNG being RNG, but there’s at least one Guardian Rank skill that does the opposite of what it says, so I suppose it is possible. On top of that, thoroughly testing something that relies on RNG can be difficult. Gearbox use the Shift accounts to collect game play statistics, but I would hazard a guess that their metrics have more to do with what content people have done, how much time they spend playing, hardware specs, etc. Still, since Treasure Hunter should only trigger after kills, I’m guessing what you’re experiencing is a fluke.

Unfortunately we don’t really have a good way to test it, since we can’t disable Guardian Rank abilities (selectively or otherwise.) Even then, it would be hard to get a sufficient sample size, and it is pretty difficult to avoid confirmation bias when just going by feel. I’d keep farming and see if you see some larger drops.

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Agree 100% I am just trying to see if anyone else has seen it… I have been doing the same thing since I posted and I have only received more than 2 oranges (gold, legendary) once. So I think there is something there.

But again I am not a super player or whatever they are called. Mayhem 3 was easy for me. Mayhem 4 was a challenge on campaign/DLC (Solo)

But on my FL4K Mayhem 4 is a cake walk on Graveward


Yeah, it never hurts to bring this kind of thing up. Its possible you’re on to something…

And Fl4k is my go to for Graveward as well, generally with 3 shot fade away and an Ion Cannon. Of course, its even faster with crit swap…

Hell, I just use a Bekah with ASE, probably not as efficient, but it works for me.

Just feel like after 75 hunter my drops have stopped…

Did you farm on Mayhem 4 before reaching the 75th level?

Yes a bunch… I would get M3 to M4 being different and what not… however I was M4 for at least 20 lvls of hunter. the change happened after I got the lvl 75 perk

Yeah. The reason why I’m asking is, because we were told that you get more rewarded in M4 but if you look at the modifier card when looking the map, M1 and M4 have the same drop rates for guns (increased by 100%), same drop rates for the eridium and other loot (I think increased with 30% or 50%) and the same for XP. Only difference is the enemy shield and health. On M1 is increased 100% on M4 is 1000%. So this was the reason I was asking it for, since I’m a bit confused too. To be honest, I didn’t play too much on M4, but compared to M3, there was only one time, when I found it more rewarding.

I got hunter to 75 after enforcer, so its been a while since I was able to see the difference between pre-75 hunter, but as of the last two days I’m averaging ~3.4ish (not counting vault).
I’d say every 7th or 8th time killing him I’ll get zeroes legendaries

M4 is 700%, not 100%

I’m just about to reach Treasure Hunter and I’m in the Slaughter Shaft getting 4-6 legs each round. Badasses are spitting them out. If they stop dripping like that I’ll know.

Yeah slaughter shaft is amazing for getting mass quantities of legendaries. I think how quickly graveward farming is, however, kind of beats out slaughter shaft. Much less fun, but more legendaries overall

I have found that the vault chest remain open for atleast 7 Graveward kills before they are closed again (this was after the last update… noticed it before i reached 75 hunter)

Over the last three days I’ve done graveward 100 times/day and logged everything (classes start back up next week so I have way too much time on my hands and am a fan of statistics), and every time the vault has been open afterwards.
Rare to find legendaries in there, but it’s always open and adds a decent enough bonus to warrant the load time

Since the patch (maliwan black site) the vault has been hit or miss for me on M3 or M4…

Weird, mine was the opposite! I used to never check it because it wouldn’t have anything (all chests would remain opened), but since I’ve been cramming some loot in before classes I’ve noticed it has been opened without fail every single time.
Raises some questions lol

Though I have only been doing it on m4, so maybe m3 is different.

I am going to close the game completely and see what happens

What platform are you playing on? I’m on PC and PS4, though my ps4 account isnt at 75 hunter yet (or even 75 badass rank for that matter)