Less Nerfs and More Buffs

Please do NOT make the mistake of heavily nerfing everything that makes builds viable in Mayhem 3; Fl4K Crit was op but the nerf was a little on the extreme side(some will disagree with me on this). You’re not going to be able to perfectly balance this game, but please don’t make it even more unbalanced than it is. What you should be doing right now is buffing playstyles and skill trees that are useless in Mayhem 3 *cough Fl4ks Master Tree *cough. One thing you could do is get rid of that completely useless capstone skill called Dominance, and replace it with something actually worth more than 0.00000001 of a skill point, like turning the pet into a badass or something?

The Zane buff was great though! More of that please.

Please use an existing thread on this topic.